How to use WhatsApp for Business

May 23 2019

How to use WhatsApp for Business

Written by Aj Aviado

WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging application in Singapore. It’s used in both social and business environments. For a simple messaging app, what makes it so popular anyway?


For starters, WhatsApp is easy to use. It quickly relays messages and updates from one end to the other. The app’s convenience of use makes it popular among old people in Singapore, while its features appeal to the younger generation.


It may not be an official tool for a business, but WhatsApp has certainly marked itself as the go-to messaging app in Singapore.


Since the majority of Singaporeans find WhatsApp a welcoming tool for communication, how exactly should it be used for business?


Download the app

The good thing about WhatsApp is it’s completely free. It’s ideal for small to medium businesses so people can easily use their mobile phones for work-related communication.


WhatsApp can be divided into two different apps. There’s the normal WhatsApp Messenger, then there’s WhatsApp Business. The former is for social and personal use, while the latter is for work-related concerns.


If you already have an existing WhatsApp Messenger account, you’re given the option to transfer your chat history to your new WhatsApp Business account. While you can use both apps, the problem is each app should be linked to its own unique phone number. It’s not possible to have one phone number linked to both apps at the same time.


Set up your account

WhatsApp lets you create a business profile complete with vital information for customers such as email address, website, address, and description.


Set up your business profile with an adequate amount of content that gives your customers the whole package in one sitting. Let them know what your business is all about by writing a brief but detailed description of your products or services.


Feel free to organise your account’s contacts by labelling them. You can edit your labelling options as you assign each and every contact with specific labels. This will help you organise your contact list to avoid any miscommunication or mishaps in the future.


Team and customer communication

There are two ways WhatsApp Business can be used for business. One is for internal team communication, while the other is for customer communication.


For team communication, WhatsApp is already an ideal tool. Since most Singaporeans already use WhatsApp as their go-to messaging app, using the app for business makes it easier for employees to communicate with one another. There’s no need to introduce the app to employees since they probably already have a WhatsApp account of their own.


As for customer communication, WhatsApp makes good use of its features. Customers are more likely to respond to a client’s message if it’s sent on WhatsApp. How so?


Firstly, let’s repeat the fact the WhatsApp is the leading messaging app in Singapore. This means most people already have WhatsApp on their mobile devices. Secondly, WhatsApp is easy and convenient to use. Customers won’t have trouble receiving and sending a message, since WhatsApp’s features encourages casual communication.


Another good thing about WhatsApp is that you’re encouraged to communicate with your customers informally. While formal conversations are common in customer engagement, being a little informal with your customers gives them a casual and friendly vibe. Keep your conversations with your customers a little more informal; this will make it a bit more comfortable for them.


Promotion and advertising

WhatsApp is a great platform for marketing. The app lets you send images, videos, and audio files to users globally. This makes the app a strategic medium for one-on-one marketing.


However, a business shouldn’t spam its customers with promotional ads. The right way to market your business on WhatsApp is to separate loyal customers from new ones. Reach out to loyal customers and offer them rewards or loyalty points to improve customer retention.


Offer feedback

For a business to improve upon its mistakes, one should provide feedback for it to succeed. The customer serves as the business’s eyes and ears, especially its products and services are discussed. Customer feedback is inherent, especially since they can give your business ideas to improve.


User WhatsApp as a platform for customer feedback. Encourage your customers to provide feedback in the easiest way by using WhatsApp.


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