Instagram Algorithm 2021: How It Works
(And Steps To Beat It)

Instagram is changing. Just last year, Facebook, Inc. introduced the new Facebook and Instagram Shops, which allow social media users to set up their online business and sell products.


However, that is not the only thing about Instagram that is changing. Recently, Instagram went through a lot of improvements with its algorithm. It continues to curate its feed to provide more Instagram users with more relevant content.


When it comes to social media marketing in Singapore, Instagram is a top-tier platform for growing an audience and establishing your reputation. But if you want to improve your organic reach and attract more followers on Instagram, you have to understand how its algorithm works above all else.





Instagram Algorithm In 2021 Essential Factors


The Instagram algorithm determines the type of content that appears on a user’s feed. For instance, whenever a user opens their Instagram app, the algorithm explores all of the available content and chooses the most relevant posts to show up on their feed.


The type of content Instagram displays on a user’s feed is based on a few ranking signals, such as:


1. Interests

Instagram aims to show their users content that they will highly engage with by considering their interests and behaviour. For instance, if a user constantly views, likes or comments on sports videos and photos, Instagram will most likely deliver similar content to their explore feed.


2. Relationships With Other Users

The Instagram algorithm detects the interaction among users. That is why if a user constantly likes and comments on another user’s posts, the former will usually see more of the latter’s content on their feed.


3. Frequency Of Instagram Use

With a higher frequency of usage, the algorithm will have more information to showcase relevant content on a user’s feed. 


4. Number Of Follows

This ranking signal refers to the number of people an instagram user follows. The more Instagram pages that a user follows, the more posts that they will most likely miss.


5. Timeliness

Instagram checks on the timeliness of a post and determines if it is still relevant to a user’s interests. Since most new posts are important to people, Instagram wants to ensure that every user’s feed is filled with timely content.


Instagram went into further detail about how key factors affect the type of content appearing on the feed. These crucial factors include:


  • Information about the post – This includes the number of engagements the post garnered, when and where it was posted, etc.
  • Information about the poster – This ranking signal determines if the Instagram user and their content might be interesting to other users.
  • Activity – This refers to a user’s past activities on Instagram.
  • History with others – The Instagram algorithm considers a user’s previous interactions with others when looking for content that should appear on their feed.


Like other social media management platforms, Instagram is updating its algorithm constantly to offer better features and improve the user experience. 


While it may seem challenging to improve your organic reach due to the algorithm changes, there is no reason to worry. As long as you create the type of content that Instagram exactly wants, you can reach more Instagram users in no time.


Here are some tips for beating the Instagram algorithm in 2021.





3 Tips Beating Instagram Algorithm In 2021



Posting content that your followers exactly want can be challenging. After all, everyone has their own taste and preferences.


However, if there’s one thing that most people appreciate, it is a high-quality photo. Especially on Instagram where images are the primary content. Even just a simple picture of a stunning landscape or scenery can catch the attention of your followers on Instagram.  Always make sure your Instagram posts are of the utmost quality. You can also use apps like VSCO to edit your photos.



If your posts are not getting enough attention, there’s a chance that you are uploading your content at the wrong time. You need to make sure most of your followers can see your posts on their feed.


The solution is simple: know when your audience is most active on social media by referring to audience insights.


This solution is a simple yet effective social media marketing strategy. All you have to do is know when your followers are most likely to be online on social media. Then, upload your content during the most appropriate time.


For instance, imagine that your target audience consists of teenagers. Since most teenagers go to school from 9 AM to 5 PM, you could upload your Instagram posts around 7 PM to 9 PM when they are usually at home and lounging around.



There is no official statement from Instagram saying that its algorithm prioritises videos over photos. But now might be the perfect time to publish more videos because of Instagram and Reels. With these features, you can impress your followers by showcasing quality content in the form of videos.


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Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can tell a story just by posting a captivating photo. But with videos, you can bring your viewers along with the journey itself. Try publishing more videos through Instagram Stories and Reels. A simple 15 or 30-second video can provide your audience with a glimpse of your brand.




Instagram may be evolving, but it is for the better of everyone. Just focus on creating quality content for your target audience, and you will improve your organic reach, regardless of the constant algorithm changes.


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