Top 10 Instagram Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2023

In a realm full of social media sites and platforms, Instagram continues to reign supreme among others. This 2023, Instagram has skyrocketed to over 2 billion monthly active users. This figure has even surpassed what Statista forecasted, wherein it would reach 1.35 billion monthly active users. There is no wonder the social media platform has risen to the fourth spot on the list of the top social networking sites most used this 2023. For that reason, it is crucial to use Instagram for social media marketing in Singapore, especially considering it is easy to use and comes with a wide range of user-friendly features. You could reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers and grow an audience.


However, before you embark on using Instagram for your social media marketing, there are a couple of things you might want to consider. Here are some of the most popular Instagram marketing trends you should try this 2023.


A Checklist Of Instagram Marketing Trends To Try In 2023




1. Instagram Shopping


In 2021, online shopping grew more and more prominent on Instagram. With Instagram Shoppable posts, you can purchase products on Instagram directly for a better and more convenient online shopping experience. Back then, Instagram only dedicated this feature to those residing in the US. However, they had planned on releasing and expanding the checkout process worldwide.


Here is one good example. An Instagram influencer tagged the product, in this case, Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer. You will be directed to the product when you click it, allowing you to view it. It is a simple yet effective way to provide customers with a more convenient purchasing option.


Influencer Tagged Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer


(Source: The Drum)


The Instagram Shop feature allowed creators and business accounts to add particular products or services to their posts. When users browse their feeds and come across their posts, they can simply view the product by clicking the tagged link or account. When users search for products with a particular keyword, Instagram would show various online stores relevant to the keyword searched.



On March 16, 2023, Instagram decided to put an end to the use of Instagram Live Shopping. This feature used to be of big convenience to sellers and e-commerce stores during live selling. A button appears during the live so people can see the prices and other details of the products while the seller showcases the item being sold.


Example Of Instagram Live Shopping Feature


Screenshot from Instagram


However, that did not stop brands and small businesses from selling live. Online stores can still utilise the normal Instagram Live feature. This is pretty much valuable as it enables you to have fruitful interactions with your fans, followers, and even buyers. You can also take advantage of it and get your buyers to purchase from alternative sources, such as your e-commerce website or Instagram shop. According to McKinsey & Company, brands achieve over 30% conversion rate from live commerce compared, which is ten times higher than traditional selling methods.


Here is one good example from everyone’s all-time favourite chocolate, KitKat. Their Instagram marketing devised a paid social media strategy. The brand demonstrated that a livestream shopping event is helpful if you wish to drive online sales and visits.


Example Of Live Selling By KitKat


Screenshot from Drip


Another example is from Her World Singapore and their collaboration with Lancôme and influencers Jamie Yeo and Cheryl Wee.


This social media marketing in Singapore was such a big hit. First, they talked about skin regenerating products from Lancôme. Second, they share some tips and tricks on how they recharge their skin. Not only that, they also gave away some freebies!



2. Cross-Platform Content


Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are different from one another, but these social networking platforms constantly share content. Many people are uploading the same content on different platforms. Say, a user uploads a video on TikTok. They also upload the same video content on their other accounts, like Instagram, to repurpose content. This also helps you to reach users who might be active only on one platform. For instance, if they are not very active on TikTok but they use Instagram frequently, then it is a good way to target this group of users. That is why some videos on the said platform have TikTok’s watermark.


A good example is how TikTok videos are surfacing on Instagram. It is a reflection of social media and how content is easily shareable on any platform. You could do the same by posting some of your Instagram content on TikTok and vice versa to reach more social media users.


Other cross related platforms are Facebook and Instagram. If the post is set to post on both Facebook and Instagram, it is very easy for users to view the content on the other platform seamlessly. Below is actually a good example. Look at how Instagram and Facebook make posting content so much easier and more convenient!


Facebook Reels Linking To IG Posts


Cross-posting is excellent if you are using more than one social media marketing platform in Singapore. The trick is to share content from one platform to another. Remember to insert a call to action so people can follow your other social media pages.


3. Simplified Content


There is a high chance that some or most of your Instagram followers may not even view, comment, or like your posts. The main reason could be that your posts contain lengthy captions. Who would bother reading essay-long captions, right? If that’s the case, try using an Instagram carousel post to share short snippets of information.


An Instagram carousel is a post in which you can browse through multiple photos by swiping. You could take advantage of this feature by creating short, easily digestible content.


Look at how Flying Tiger showed off their array of products through an Instagram carousel post. It started with some texts that would leave you curious about what is next.



Here is another one that people totally dig! It features reviews from their best-selling products and, at the same time, the visuals are colour-coordinated!



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by naked (@nakedbeautybar)


The easy-to-read format makes it a good idea to use an Instagram carousel post if you want to upload short-form content. Plus, visuals such as infographics or photos are great attention.


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4. Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular every year. Thanks to brands and influencers incorporating AR into their content, it has grown ultimately widespread.


Perhaps you could also use AR when using Instagram to promote your brand. To do so, create a custom AR filter that lets you project computer-based imagery on your device’s screen.


Check out how British Vogue created an AR filter that lets you try Salvatore Ferragamo’s sunglass styles.


AR filters are fun and interactive. By creating one, you could provide your Instagram followers with a unique and engaging digital experience. Properly doing so should help you raise brand awareness.


British Vogue AR Filter Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses


Example of AR Filter By Ferragamo



Did you know that Instagram recently paved the way for one of its greatest features? Are you looking for social media marketing in Singapore worth trying in 2023? Back in 2021, users could only add one link to their profile bios. But with Instagram’s latest update, anyone and everyone are now able to update their accounts and add multiple links in their profile bios.

Example Of Previous Linking Layout On IG


Screenshot from Hootsuite


Over the past few years, brands and influencers only utilised Linktree, Koji, and Carrd to show their work, social media accounts, and other links. Look at the example below.


Example Of An IG Account Using Linktree


Now, all it takes is for you to edit your profile, click the ‘External Link’ button, and arrange your links.


This is how this Instagram marketing feature looks on their mobile app and website.


Multiple Links Mobile App Layout


Multiple Links Website Layout


6. RIP, IGTV. Hello, IG Reels!


Back in 2021, Instagram announced to everyone that they are saying goodbye to IGTV. This feature allows brands, influencers, and social media marketing agencies to post long-form video formats.


Due to the sudden shift of focus on social media users, Instagram had to step up its game and refocus its video efforts on competing with TikTok and its short-form video formats.


Gone are the days when brands used IGTV, all hail to Instagram Reels (IG Reels)! IG Reels offer you countless chances to share your brilliant ideas and explore your creativity through a short video.


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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sephora (@sephora)


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To keep up with its rival TikTok and its video-response feature, Instagram also ventured into this by allowing users, brands, and influencers to reply to comments on Reels through another Reel. They called it Reels Visual Replies.


Instagram Launches Replying Through IG Reels


This Instagram marketing has got to be one of the greatest features you should watch out for in 2023. It offers a highly visual and interactive way so the creator and fans can engage with each other.


Look at the example of Reels Visual Replies below.



7. Community Engagement Features


Whether you run a brand, are a content creator, or are an influencer, you want to earn the trust of the people following you. One way to keep your audience engaged and, at the same time, gain a higher number of followers is through utilising Instagram’s latest features.


Some Instagram marketing features worth trying are the following:


  • Poll Sticker


Example Of Instagram Stories With Poll From Fresh Prep


  • Emoji Slider Sticker


Example Of Instagram Stories With Emoji Sliders From Walmart


Screenshot from Hootsuite


  • Quiz Sticker


Example Of Instagram Stories With Quiz From Starbucks


  • Question Sticker


Example Of Instagram Stories With Q&A From Glossier


8. Instagram Story Links Are Now Available For Everyone



Swipe up links before

  1. Only Verified Accounts
  2. Works For Business Accounts With More Than 10,000 Followers

Swipe Up Links After Their Latest Update

  1. Now Available For All users


Moving on to 2022, finally, Instagram gave all of its billion users the chance to do so. Now, anyone and everyone can include a website link and use the link sticker on Instagram for their stories.


Brands, content creators, and influencers should definitely take advantage of this social media marketing strategy in Singapore. This can help them increase their Instagram engagement and drive more traffic to the attached website or platform.


Make sure you include the link stickers in your Insta stories and use them like CTAs. You can write Swipe Up, Learn More, Discover More, Click Here, etc.


Example Of Instagram Stories With Link Sticker From Mecca


9. Boosted Content


Algorithms on social media update very regularly. In addition, depending on the algorithm alone does not promise a definite result. That is why it is encouraged that start-ups and new accounts should use the boost feature of Instagram. With boosted content, you can get more people to see your posts and reach more audience groups by selecting your target audience. With this boost feature, it enables you to streamline your content to reach relevant groups of audience to your business. Without it, many accounts will likely take a longer time to raise brand awareness on organic posting alone or might even have to post up to 3 to 4 times a day for the account to reach to the audience organically.


Have you experienced a sudden shift in your engagement? One day, your sales are crazy high. The next, your engagement dropped so low that you start to get curious about what went wrong.


Even if one of the Instagram marketing trends this year is about quality content, this does not exclude boosting it.


Boosting your content can be one of the greatest social media marketing methods to use in Singapore. This strategy lets you kick your Instagram posts with great potential to a notch.


Boosted posts can bring your brand visibility on Instagram to a more expansive reach. Plus, it gives you more perks, which are a higher conversion rate and increased engagement.


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10. Micro-Influencers Collaboration


This 2023, you can expect to see more and more micro- and nano-influencers dominating your Instagram Feed. Brands, local and global, have discovered the power of collaborating with content creators who specialise in their respective industries or niche.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Miette dierckx (@miettedierckx)


More and more influencers arise in this current time and setting. In the current social media age, influencers are identified more as content creators. Being content creators, they take more pride and emphasis in being authentic. Gone are the days when they were used to posting an aesthetic photo of the product for the sake of being sponsored. Their Instagram marketing tactics have been pretty surprising. Each content creator has a unique niche that can help their contents be pushed out to social media users who have the similar interest hence gain more reach.


Brands are now sending PR packages more frequently to the content creators to give their honest review on the product or service. This promotes authenticity in their content and relatability from their followers.


With their creative and innovative digital strategies, more and more followers relate to them. Furthermore, they learn to trust content creators and connect with them on a deeper level. That said, brands, apart from considering working with content creators with a high follower count, they also look for influencers that are in line and known to their niche. After all, how are you going to trust a makeup brand if its content creator is not an expert at using lipstick and is more well-versed in electrical problems, right?


Below are some Instagram posts from nano- and micro-influencers that have worked with brands.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jesse Driftwood (@jessedriftwood)




A lot can change in a year. 2023 is an excellent year to start an Instagram marketing campaign, considering the numerous trends you can venture into nowadays. Today is your starting point.Work with a social media marketing agency in Singapore now to explore the world of Instagram.


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