Know & Grasp The Importance Of Keyword Search Volume For SEO

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Even though change is the only constant in life and search engines often update their algorithm, there are still things in search engine optimization (SEO) that remain important for years. One of them is keyword search volume.


Keyword search volume is a key metric in SEO and is one of the most frequently used for keyword research. But even if that is the case, many still misunderstand the value of keyword search volume and overlook using it as part of their SEO strategy, 


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To clarify the misconception of keyword search volume, we wrote down what you need to know about it. Doing so should help you grasp and understand the importance of keyword search volume for SEO

What Is Keyword Search Volume?

Keyword search volume refers to the number of search queries that a keyword has in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo for a specific time frame. 


A specific time frame is a date range that SEO vendors use to indicate and know how particular keywords drive more traffic over time. Sometimes, they use it for seasonal events. Take this picture below as an example. 


Keyword Seasonality


Here, we compare the keywords Black Friday and Cyber Monday to assess how many search queries they have had for the past 90 days. With this gathered data, marketers use it to produce quality and relevant content for their target audience. 


Why Does Keyword Search Volume Matter?

Keyword search engine matters since search engines are one of the ways for the content of a website to get discovered, attract potential customers, gain traffic and lead. 


You should know that the more people find, read, and share the content, the more efficient the rest of your SEO strategy, and it would gain a higher search engine ranking as a result. 


In summary, keyword search volume matters for SEO because it helps you: 


  • List down the priority of the content topics.
  • Determine the search trend of a particular keyword.
  • Weigh the traffic potential of each keyword. 


How To Get The Keyword Search Volume?

Before including keyword search volume data in your SEO strategy, you need to get the figures first. To do so, you need to use some tools to determine the search volume for keywords. 


Listed below are the two tools you can use to get the keyword search volume. 


1. Google Keyword Planner

Sample Of Google Keyword Planner From Backlinko


Most commonly used by SEO vendors to get the keyword search volume on Google since the search engine itself reports the data themselves. However, before you use Google Ads Keyword Planner for your keyword search volume, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 


  • Not all keywords get reported since this tool is deliberately for researching and assessing  Google Ads-related keywords.
  • Before you can access this tool, you need to create a Google Ads account first. 
  • Data results are most likely estimated or aggregated. 
  • There is a time lag in the data result, so it is not fit for newer keywords.


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2. Semrush

Another competitive intelligence tool that you can use to get the keyword search volume is Semrush. It offers SEO vendors and marketers rich and valuable data, and it is free to use but only with limited functionality


SEO SEMRush For Keyword Search Volume


As you can see on this image, you can view the keyword search volume data at a glance, whether per local or global reach. Just make sure to use the right data to get the more accurate results. 


Is Keyword Search Volume Data Reliable?

As mentioned above, most data results of keyword search volume are most likely an estimation. That means they are not exactly the right number of search inquiries that the keywords have in real-time. Even if that is the case, the data results are still valuable since internet users are searching for those keywords most of the time. 


That is why if you want your customers to relate to your content, get the keyword search volume data and include it in your SEO strategy.

Final Remarks

To summarise, keyword search volume has been with us for a long time. Effective keyword research and successful SEO campaigns would be incomplete without keyword search volume.


However, as a marketer, you should also be aware of the limits and the ways to improve the content that keyword search volume data provides. In doing so, you could use it to your advantage, both in your keyword research and assessment. 


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