LinkedIn Stories: How To Use Them For Marketing

It began with Snapchat, and it has now entered the world of LinkedIn. Welcome to LinkedIn Stories, a powerful tool you can use to promote your business!


LinkedIn introduced “Stories” in October 2020, a feature similar to Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Stories. You can upload an image or video of up to 20 seconds that will disappear in 24 hours.


The first time Snapchat released its Stories feature (which was first known as “My Story”) in 2013, it seemed like a gimmick at the time. However, it became one of the most popular social media features worldwide, with Facebook and Instagram incorporating a similar Stories feature.


Only time will tell until other social media marketing apps introduce their very own Stories feature. In the meantime, consider uploading stories of your own on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



How To Use LinkedIn Stories For Marketing?

How To Use LinkedIn Stories For Marketing


Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn presents a similar Stories feature that lets members and groups post images or short videos. Posting Stories on LinkedIn is a great way to capture meaningful moments in your life and share valuable insights, lessons, and ideas.


However, compared to Facebook and Instagram, the purpose of sharing LinkedIn Stories is quite different. Instead of just sharing a part of your daily life, you should upload a story to engage with other LinkedIn members and communities and provide them with helpful or insightful information.


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LinkedIn is a professional network, so you have to consider your target audience and upload Stories containing valuable information. Fortunately, sharing Stories on LinkedIn is simple. Just open your LinkedIn app and click the “post” button on the bottom to upload an image or video.


When sharing LinkedIn Stories, you have to consider your target audience. Here are some tips for creating valuable and insightful LinkedIn Stories.


1. Get Straight To The Point

The average person watches 40 to 60% of an Instagram Story. Expect the same for LinkedIn users who will view your LinkedIn Stories. Most social media users get bored quickly, so your LinkedIn Stories should get straight to the point and capture their attention.


Similar to commercials and advertisements, your LinkedIn Stories should hook viewers right from the start. Begin with an excellent introduction that showcases the gist of your content. Afterwards, engage with your audience by calling out your viewers and encouraging them to discuss any concerns, comments, and ideas.


2. Keep It Interesting

Once you grab your viewers’ attention, you have to keep things interesting to encourage them to watch your LinkedIn Story even more. Avoid maintaining a monotonous stand and tone for the rest of your Story, or else your audience will leave halfway throughout the video.


Fortunately, there are many ways to spice up your LinkedIn Stories. You can add props, use a custom avatar, edit your videos beforehand to enhance their appeal, and many more.


You can also provide viewers with numbers and figures to build credibility and present additional facts. Add new details to the information provided by your LinkedIn Story to make it more intriguing and appealing to your audience.


3. Seal The Deal With A Great Ending

Try ending your LinkedIn Stories with a bang by interacting with your audience and including a call to action (CTA). Those who finished watching your entire LinkedIn Stories are probably the most likely to be interested in your business.


Sadly, there is no way to determine whether or not your viewers have completed every second of your LinkedIn Stories. For that reason, you need to end your Stories with a closing remark. You can add a CTA to persuade your viewers to contact your business, send a message, or follow your other social media pages.


A CTA is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to social media. The goal of a CTA is to convince your audience to interact with your business in many ways. You can persuade viewers to visit your website, purchase your products, and more.




Sharing Stories on LinkedIn is both fun and helpful for your business. You can discover new people, interact with your audience, and join groups of people with similar interests. The best part is that uploading Stories is easy.


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Here are some additional tips that will help you create better-quality content for your LinkedIn Stories:


  • Establish and maintain a consistent brand voice
  • Provide solutions to relevant problems
  • Always add a CTA
  • Share Stories at the right time


Consider sharing Stories not just on LinkedIn but on Instagram and Facebook as well! If you need help managing your social media marketing campaign, try contacting a digital marketing agency for more tips and insights.


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