May 20 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Alicia Lim

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Happy Sunday, everyone! Before we start another work week, let’s give the spotlight to one of the senior employees of OOm. She’s the reason why we have successful Search Engine Marketing campaigns (and she handled the one that just recently won an award). This smart and charming little lass is, indeed, an asset to the company.

Ladies and gents, our Campaign Strategist, Alicia Lim!


Describe your role at OOm.

My primary role is to plan, strategise, execute, and optimise our clients’ paid-advertising accounts. This requires me to work very closely with each individual Account Managers to fulfil our clients’ needs and objectives. Additionally, I see as my secondary role to help train and support my fellow strategists who are newer to the company.


Do you have a favourite campaign or client? Can you share it to us

Honestly, I love a good challenging account, especially if it requires me to delve into deeper analytics or areas rarely thread upon. I have an inquisitive mind, thus, sourcing out answers and problem solving are drivers that fuel me to keep going.


Tell us a little bit about your background in the industry.

I started out in creative and advertising, it was there my exposure to the world of digital and tech first took place. From then on, I went into digital marketing where I was given the opportunity to self-learn Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in my previous agency. However, it was only when I came to OOm that my skillsets in SEM deepened and broadened.


What makes SEM powerful in terms of marketing a company’s brand online? How do you pitch it on a non-techy client?

Digital is so pervasive in this day and age. People “Google” almost everything. Even if a business’ sales are not driven through online channels, digital presence plays an essential role to a consumer’s purchasing journey. With that said, SEM enables any given company to gain visibility almost instantaneously on Google. As such, this would provide uplift and exposure in one’s brand.


What do you consider the most underrated and overrated qualities in your field?

Underrated: Resourceful problem solving especially when a technical road-block happens.
Overrated: Experience because this industry is ever-changing and updating


What’s a challenging day like for you? Tell us how it usually turns out.

An example would be when an account’s performance isn’t up to standard despite having done the necessary optimisations. I would have to spend several hours analysing the account’s data and metrics to see what areas are being missed out. Thereafter, plot, discuss then execute the next few action steps.


What unique talent would you like to have?

Look gorgeous even when I have 0 hours of sleep


If you are to live with only one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

TOFU. My favourite food. Packs protein, nutrients and low in fat!


If you are not in the Digital Marketing industry, what career would you have taken?

Nowhere else


What do you love about OOm?

I love that the team works hard and plays hard! Besides that, the openness and autonomy given by the bosses are truly hard to find.