Look Who's Talking - Andy Jacinto (Content)

OOm is lucky to have talented writers like Andrea Jacinto, also known as Andy by her peers! Andy is a part of the Content Marketing team that aims to provide clients with quality content to improve their SEO rankings. Join our latest segment of Look Who’s Talking to know more about Andy!


Describe your role in OOm


I am a content writer, responsible for making words appear on paper. These words are strategically composed since I have to integrate keywords for the articles to rank high on Google’s results page. To be frank, I enjoy the challenge of it! Recently, I’ve been assigned to write for on-site accounts and it helped me create more quality, publishable content.



What is your first impression of OOm?

It’s a young company! Coming from a boomer-infested company before, it was refreshing to enter a workplace and see people who are in an age of uncertainty just like you—people who are still struggling to find their place in this world. Interacting with them is much more enjoyable since we could relate to almost anything, especially when I am talking with my fellow content writers.



What motivated you to work at OOm?

Mostly to get out from my previous work as a Policy Writer. During my job search, I saw plenty of vacant positions for an SEO Writer. So, I studied a bit about it. Having that little familiarity with SEO, I wanted to dive deeper into it and also relate to my brothers who are in the IT industry.



How do you handle criticism at work?

Just like how I handle criticisms for my literary works, I manage criticism at work step by step. First, I accept them as valid points since I know it will help me improve. Second, I do the revisions following the comments that have been made. Lastly, I read my revised work and observe if it has really improved my quality on a certain level.



Outside of work, what are your personal goals?

I’ve always been present in film festivals, local film screenings, and mall cinemas before this pandemic forced us all to stay at home. During this lockdown, I had more time to spend watching films and writing reviews about them as a hobby. It also resurfaced my dreams of creating my own film! Intensified now more than ever, I want to achieve that goal in the future.



If you could summarise your personal life in one song or album, what would it be?

God Help The Girl’s self-titled album! This album is made to be a backbone of a musical film. It tells the story of a woman’s internal struggle of shaping herself to society’s standard of beauty. Each track creates a vivid image of how she realizes that she doesn’t need to adhere to these fabricated standards. In a sense, it taught me the necessity of self-evaluation and self-expression⁠—that these are what I should value in my life since no one can ever validate my existence other than myself.



What is your spirit animal, and why?

Easily enough, it would be a cat. There is something so tender about them, and the way that you have to earn their trust is what makes them so desirable for me.


I have three cats at home and they could be a handful sometimes. I relate to them because, as an introvert, it takes me a while to feel comfortable in the presence of other people and trust them enough to be vulnerable. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be a cat who sleeps more than 10 hours a day?



What inspired you to pursue your current career?

Establishing a career in writing has not always been easy, so I have to find opportunities that will allow me to keep doing it but in a lucrative way. I remember thinking that the IT industry would be my best bet since I could learn the certain skills needed to work in one on the internet. So, here I am working as an SEO content writer, learning more about it every day.



What is one book, video game, or movie that changed your life?

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing! My brothers and I first played the game on GameCube, and we were attached to it. It’s a chill simulation game wherein you could talk to animal villagers and give them gifts. You could also catch fish, complete the artifacts in the museum, collect furniture, and design your house!



Playing this game helped me cope with a lot of things as a child since it was hard for me to make friends being a naturally introverted person. I got attached to NPCs (non-playable characters) in the game and see them as my real friends!


Today, we bought the latest version of the game titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Playing it evoked waves of nostalgia, and we were proud to introduce it to my little sister who couldn’t help but get addicted to it as well.



What do you love about OOm?

The people, mostly my fellow writers. They helped me settle in a new environment that is unfamiliar to me. More than that, we have built a friendship outside of work. I especially miss our conversations in the morning where we would all get coffee at McDo (McDonald’s). So, I’m eternally grateful for them, and I hope we can hang out and see each other again soon!

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