Look Who’s Talking: Charisma Felix

Hi everyone! This week, we cover one of the “colourful” people in OOm: Charisma “Cha” Felix!


She’s one of the content writers of OOm that provides the plethora of useful and exciting content on our site. When it comes to writing for clients, she’s a “jack-of-all-trades” and can come up with really exciting content for any topic. Get to know her more below:



Describe Your Role At OOm.

I’m a writer. We create original content for OOm and our clients. We also conceptualise topics for blogs and social media posts and manage social media accounts for some clients. Hmmm… what else? Well, basically we make sure that there’s no Lorem Ipsum on any of our clients’ webpages.



What Would You Rather Do: Swim In Maldives Or Climb Mount Everest? Why?

Swim in Maldives. ‘Coz there’s a lesser chance of dying. Haha!



Who’s Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Character? Why?


Tyrion Lannister, portrayed by Peter Dinklage. He’s the smallest character but he’s the wisest. He has a heart but he’s never afraid to sacrifice the ones he loves for the benefit of doing what is right – like the part where he murdered his father, Tywin, and his girlfriend, Shay.


Among all the characters in Thrones, he is the most clever and most exciting of all. I remember the part when I thought he already died in a battle between Stannis Baratheon and the realm of King Geoffrey, where he acted as the leader of the palace troops. I poured real tears, man! But, he came back in the next episodes – alive and still kicking asses.


I still believe that he is one of the three dragon heads that will be left alive to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Also, Dinklage played the part really, really well.


Ok. I’m turning off my GOT geekiness now. Thank you. :p



As A Writer, What Topics Do You Like Writing About

I like to write about travel, art, music, events, and one-on-one interviews about prominent people. But for some reason, most of the tasks assigned to me are about cosmetic surgery, fashion, shopping, and pest control. Haha! I mean, that’s fine. But I find it a little hard to write about girly things ‘cos I’m not really that ‘girly’.




If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth, What Would You Eat?

One whole Lechon! No further explanation is needed. Hahaha!



What Do You Find Most Fulfilling In Your Work?

To be honest, writing is fulfilling on its own – with or without any perks. It’s something that I can do for the rest of my life. I will always be willing to write anything and everything for anybody. When I’m sad, I write. When I’m bored, I write. When I’m happy, I write.


But, the most fulfilling of all is knowing that someone is actually reading the articles that I post and when someone is recognising me for doing a good job. Just a simple “it’s approved” can make my heart melt like cheese on top of a hot, steamy pizza.



What’s Your Biggest Achievement While Working In OOm?

More than being one of the writers who did the case study for our award-winning Markies entry? Hahaha! Just kidding. But yeah, Kris and I did that… It was a really rewarding experience, ‘cos I’ve never won anything before. Haha!


But, I think it’s the energy that I brought in the office. They always tell me that before I arrived, they barely talked to each other. But since I really can’t stand a quiet environment, I always make sure to talk to everyone in the office. EVERYONE! Building a stronger camaraderie amongst all the members of the team, and using my irresistible charm, I think, is my biggest achievement by far. HAHAHAHAHAHA!



How Do You Keep Yourself Productive At Work?

I take breaks. Seriously.


I ALWAYS give myself a couple of minutes, after each project, to relax my brain so I won’t drain my creative juices. In that way, I can finish some of my tasks easily. I don’t force myself to write if I can’t (unless it’s the deadline and I haven’t started anything yet). I give myself some space and I don’t crowd my mind with tasks. I don’t work hard. I work smart.


Oh, also, I daydream. A LOT. It helps in organising my thoughts. Haha!



How Do You Keep Clients Satisfied With The Services Of OOm?

I give more than what they asked for, and I don’t just act as they say. I always make sure that I give inputs and suggestions, and say if there’s something that can still be improved. I tend to collaborate instead of working like a machine. In that way, we can produce better results.



What Do You Love About OOm?

They always give me the creative freedom on all of my projects. OOm gives me the liberty to hone my skills while working on real accounts. It’s like a combination of a playground and a battlefield – you can do anything to satisfy your passion in any way you want to do it, but you have to do it right because it’s affecting the business.


And I think it’s one of the best things about OOm; they don’t limit you for as long as you’re doing your tasks right. The challenge to balance creative freedom and self-discipline is a strong foundation to be a better individual. It’s good to have that opportunity here.