Look Who's Talking: CJ Lagata

Oct 19 2019

Look Who’s Talking: CJ Lagata

Written by Charisma Felix

In this week’s Look Who’s Talking, we’ll get to know about this kind-hearted and artistic young lady from the SEO PH team, CJ Lagata!. She might seem shy and meek at first glance. But once you get to know her, you’ll be surprised at how friendly and bubbly she is. Know more about CJ in this feature interview below!




Describe Your Role In OOm

I’m a Multimedia Strategist. We do visual contents like videos, infographics, and slides.



What Motivates To Do Your Best At Work?

I like listening to Kpop. It makes me feel calm and relaxed.



How Do You See Your Career Developing Beyond The Next Two Years?

I’m seeing it as a successful one. A career with a lot of experience and knowledge, thanks to things that I learned from working in OOM.



Why Did You Choose Your Current Career?

When I was a kid, I really liked the arts that I used to draw houses and buildings a lot. Because of this, I used to dream that I would become an architect someday. But due to financial problems, I thought that dream will forever be a dream. 

But since I am passionate about art, I wanted to awaken this “talent” of mine once again, and I believed that choosing this career will help bring me back that talent. 



Who Is The Person That You Look Up The Most And Why Him/her?

I don’t have a specific person that I look up to. Each person that I meet is my inspiration. I always learn from my mistakes and from the mistakes of others.



What Are Your Hobbies Or Interests Outside Of Work?

Listening to K-pop and going to concerts are my interests outside OOm. The three hours that I spent watching a K-pop concert will always be one of my most treasured memories



If You Could Travel For Free, What Is The Country That You’d Visit First And Why?

I want to go to Korea and visit Seoul!! Ever since I liked K-pop and their culture, I had always dreamed of going to Korea.



If You Won A Million Dollars, What Will You Do And How Would You Spend It?

First things first, I want to invest it in a business for my family. I really want to build my own business that I’ve been planning it already. As for the rest, it will go to charity.  A lot of people need help and care so I also want to spend it on a good cause.



What Do You Love Most About OOm?

My colleagues. They are very helpful and they know how to treat people right. They are not the type of co-workers that are toxic. 

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