Jul 14 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Diana Alarcon

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Today, we sit down with one of OOm’s hard-working and dedicated strategists: Diana Alarcon! She’s been with Oom for quite some time now and has proven that she’s “strong and indestructible”! (Go, Di! Wooh!) continue reading to know more about OOm’s “wonder woman”!

1. Describe your role at OOm.

I am responsible for strategizing solutions to meet clients’ objectives by connecting the brand and exposing the products/services to the online consumers. Most of the time, I conduct website audits, keyword research, ad copy creation, target audience selection, campaign optimisation and goal performance analysis. As a strategist, I often find faults and recommend a way to make it better.

2. What do you find most fulfilling in your work?

The diversity of accounts wherein I get to know a lot of industries and unique services that can also be fused with potential business ventures in mind. Also, it is somehow rewarding when proposals are easily approved or if the clients signed for renewal.  It is like a “job well done,” for me.

3. What would you consider your biggest achievement while working in OOm?

doing and continuing physical workout after the long “sedentary” hours. Haha! I would also mark “not weeping on heavy workloads” as one of my accomplishments.

4. How do you balance your work to ensure that you deliver tasks on time?

I always communicate with the Account Managers by giving them a bribe. (HAHAHA kidding!) Maybe I will never deliver anything on time if the AM team won’t bug me. Seriously, I give them credit as they are indeed helpful in completing OUR assignments.
By double checking and asking a lot of questions about the task details, it helps me on what to prioritise.

5. How do you address the needs of AMs and clients?

First, I let the AM team inform me what they need. Read every message all at once and figure out the one that needs urgent attention. But it’s case to case!

I check first if the AM’s requests are doable; if I cannot do it immediately, I give a specific and realistic timeline. There are instances that the demands are complicated; sometimes, I ask the assigned AM first if my proposals are alright. I am also open to their suggestions and from there we just meet halfway.  

I always ask them for their feedback because not all the time I am right.

6. What is one word that can be used to describe your personality?

STRONG!  I am indestructible and very resilient. On the contrary, I look fragile because I have a kind heart.

7. Who is your favourite comic book character and why?

Alexandra Trese. She is a mysterious, strong & independent woman coping with a dark fantasy life. There are times that I see myself in her.

8. If you had 1 million pesos and 24 hours to spend it all, how would you spend it?

I will look for and spend it on low-priced multi-destination flights; bring in my loved ones as my guests all-year round. We’ll go places we’ve never been to, immerse in a new culture, and join profitable yet fun workshops that can surely develop our undiscovered skills.

9. What skill or craft would you like to master?

Healing skills, so that no one would feel bruised emotionally, mentally, and physically. Loljk
For now, the skill that I need to master would be diving into majestic seabeds without relying on breathing apparatus.

10. What do you love about OOm?

The People.
The multitude of accounts we are servicing. Haha!
The environment: It allows us to speak our minds.

The challenges that the Account Management team are giving me.

OOm welcomed & trusted me!

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