Look Who’s Talking – Hiro Takahashi (DC) | OOm Singapore

Today’s episode of Look Who’s Talking will feature one of the hard-working back-end developers of OOm Philippines. Know more about Hiro Takahashi, a vital member of the OOm family!




Describe your role in OOm

Back-end developers are usually responsible for writing web services and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile application developers. A back-end web developer is responsible for server-side web application logic as well as the integration of the front-end part.



What is the best lesson you’ve learned while working at OOm?

Here are some of the life lessons that you may learn at OOm:

  1. Always strive to avoid stagnation
  2. Make connecting with others a priority
  3. Remember to look on the bright side
  4. Focus on developing and using your strengths
  5. Work until the work is done
  6. Trust in the power of failure
  7. Learn how to change the situation, not the person



What do you think is OOm’s greatest strength?

High integrity. Very nice colleagues from SG and PH.



Do you prefer to work alone or with others? Why?

I like working with others because we can easily collaborate with each other.




What is your proudest achievement?

My work.



As a family man, what is the one thing you fear the most?

Losing some family members, and secondly, a career.



What is one book, video game, or movie that changed you?

The Social Network.



What are your talents outside of work?

Developing 3D animation films.



Do you have any dreams in life? If yes, then how would you achieve them?

If you asked me before, my answer is yes. But I’m happy with what I am right now.



What do you love about OOm?

The balance of workflow and at the same time, the fun. They give their employees so much care for all situations, especially now because of COVID 19.

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