Jul 27 2019

Look Who’s Talking: Isaac Gabriel Talampas

Posted by Charisma Felix

In today’s segment of Look Who’s Talking, we sat down with the one who’s the life of the office—and by that we mean the one who’s almost always in charge of the office music and whose voice you often hear reverberating in the room. 

Besides his contribution in the multimedia team, he’s quite a talented lad, having a good singing voice and quite a taste in photography. 

Everyone, here’s Isaac Talampas. 

Describe your role at OOm

My role here at OOm is an SEO Multimedia Strategist.


Can you walk us through your typical work day?

Here at OOm, I create visual content and other graphics-related work.


Do you have some life hacks to share on how you keep yourself productive?

First, get up early. Be an early riser and use this time to get on top of your to-do list, before more start flowing. Second, find happiness in what you are doing because when you enjoy what you are doing you can be as productive as you could be.


When do you have the most fun at work? 

I think every day LOL, ‘cause I want to share some positive vibes and a healthy environment here at OOm.


Would you say that you’re able to maintain a work-life balance? Why or why not? 

Yes, because I finish my work on time with no deadlines that I’ll be worried about by the time I go home.

We understand that you’re passionate about photography and videography. What’s your ultimate dream project? 

My ultimate project is to have my own fully-equipped studio, where I can do all my editing stuff, and also in the future, I want to create something that will be recognized by the big names in the industry.


What are your essentials in a photoshoot? 

The essentials I need in a photoshoot? 🤔 First is to prepare your gear or your camera next is a model and lastly good lighting.


Do you think passion and work can be the same thing? 

In my own opinion, you can do both things but, you need to manage your time properly.


How do you see yourself five years from now? 

I see myself 5 years from now that I will lead my own team not just in my passion but in my work also.


What do you love most at OOm? 

What I love the most at OOm is the environment, the people and my job.

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