Jul 28 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Jam Mycka Distor

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On this week’s Look Who’s Talking, we are featuring one of the tenure strategists of OOm. A shy, quiet lass at first glance, but has a really charming personality that everyone will adore. Although she’s handling a multitude of tasks at work, she still manages to be an adventurous gal who rides bikes and take creative street photography.

Here’s one of SP Department’s co-team lead, Jam Mycka Distor.


Describe your role at OOm.

I’m part of the Strategic Planning Department, I’m also the co team lead of AJ Aviado so I assist him in managing our Awesome SEO Team. I mostly do the on-site preparations, recommendations, and implementations for the websites of our various clients to balance out what the off-site activities the LB Team has to do.


What qualities do you possess that helps you with your work?

One thing I realized I’m good at is multitasking! We handle tons of accounts and do many tasks all at once so multitasking is a very important skill to have.


What would you consider your biggest achievement while working in OOm?

Well, handling multiple accounts and getting tasks done on a daily basis is already an achievement for me. I believe that as I keep achieving these smaller ones, I’ll be able to achieve bigger ones.


How do you keep yourself productive at work?

I don’t push myself on work too much (just sometimes lol). I learned that you should not stress yourself out too much and learn to pause; take a break.

Talking with my co-workers and randomly laughing on funny jokes then going back to working again also keeps me productive. Because when you are in a good mood, you can work, think clearly, and do your job happily.


Which team in OOm do you work closely with?

Besides my own team I work closely with the Account Management Team, since they’re my bridge in communicating with the clients. If I have concerns or recommendations on the website, I go to them, and vice-versa.


What are your favourite hobbies/pastimes?

Watching movies/series or reading a book. I think it helps me expand my creativity and be able to consume lots of information. I also like visualising the feeling of being on the shoes of a certain character. What would you do on a situation like this, what would you choose etc.


If you can cover any event as a professional photographer, what event would you like to cover?

Sorry I don’t want to cover event like wedding, concerts, hehe. I’m really into street and night photography so I just want to go out there and shoot random moments, push my creativity more. Because of that I also would like to someday try travel photography.


What hair colour do you dislike the most?

My natural black hair! Hahaha. Before anyone judges me, I don’t care if people think that I colour my hair because I don’t want my natural beauty or don’t believe in myself. It’s just that I see myself as a blank canvass where I’m able to express myself. I don’t want to limit myself and want to explore on many things. This is simply who I am.


Other than photography, what skill or craft would you like to master?

To be able to edit videos and images creatively. Wait, it’s also photography! Lol.

I have many things I want to master. Sorry, here it goes: I want to ride my bike in an uphill or long ride (kind of a struggle because I have mild scoliosis); I want to go back to playing bass guitar and be able to master it; and I want to be able to master in programming since it’s the course I have taken back in college. But for now, I want to master SEO of course.


What do you love about OOM?

What I love most about OOM is there are no office politics or whatsoever. We’re more like friends or family here than co-workers, and I think it helps us take control, and do our role in the family. Rather than having someone who dictates us what to do.

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