Aug 04 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Joan Sansaet

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For our look who’s talking series this week, we sit down with one of OOm’s SEM specialists: Joan Sansaet! Not only is she good at handling the SEM campaigns for clients, but she’s also the crafty elder sister of the OOm family that can make everybody laugh. know more about her below!

1.Describe your role at OOm.

My tasks include adcopy creation for Search, Display, Youtube and Facebook campaigns for our valuable clients. Monitoring those campaigns as well as proposing some strategies to improve each and every campaign’s performance.

2.What do you find most fulfilling in your work?

I think the most fulfilling is getting all my scheduled tasks done by the end of the day, then having a silvanas cake because I deserve it. 🙂

3.What’s your biggest achievement while working in OOm?

Losing 4KGs, kidding. Hitting the clients’ KPI’s, I guess that’s one of the biggest achievements that I’d consider.

4.How do you keep yourself productive at work?

By eating something (snacks on my table) in between haha! On a serious note though, I always wanted to get things done — sometimes ahead of the schedule. I don’t know why I’d feel more stressed if I didn’t do the things that I ought to do in a day. So yeah, I guess being productive is one of the ingredients for my happy hormones.

5.How do you keep clients satisfied with the services of OOm?

Simply by taking good care of their campaigns and doing the best that I can to keep their business with us a success.

6.If you have 24 hours of free time and can travel anywhere, where will you go?

Galapagos Island. There’s a TV series hosted by David Attenborough which was set in Galapagos Island. A place where the animal population was greater than the human population. Yes, I was really fascinated to travel to this beautiful Island inhabited by a huge biodiversity of animal species, even if it’s just for a day ^^

7.What’s your favourite pastime?

Drawing stuff (sometimes), playing video games, reading manga, watching animes, movies and TV series. All of these feeds my soul and make me feel motivated hahaha

8.If today was your last day on earth, what would you eat?

Brainss.. yummy! Tantanmen Ramen.

9.What three word describe your personality?

Easily amused human

10.What do you love about OOm?

The people around OOm. I genuinely like them a lot.

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