Look Who's Talking - Kelvin Peh

Jun 29 2019

Look Who’s Talking – Kelvin Peh

Written by Aj Aviado

In today’s segment of Look Who’s Talking, one of the most charming household names in OOm sat down for an interview to share a glimpse of his life in and out of the office.


If the word “charming” isn’t any indication, it’s none other than Kelvin Peh, Business Development Executive at OOm!



1. Describe your role at OOm.

I orchestrate internally and externally with my partners’ best interest—which is to push for more performance.


2. What’s the most challenging but fulfilling part of your job?

Racing against deadlines to get things done.


3. What tasks do you often find yourself procrastinating?

I do not find myself procrastinating when given a task. ?


4. What is your strength that you think is most useful at work?

My strength, literally. I’m the guy you call to do the heavy lifting a.k.a water dispenser.


5. At what occasion in your job have you felt most successful?

When we won the Marketing Excellence Awards.


6. Besides work, what makes you busy?

Hitting the gym and realising I’ve spent hours singing songs that I don’t understand (K-Pop, of course!)



7. What’s the one thing you really want to do but have never done so, and why?

Cook. But It has come to my understanding that I am scared of fire, the best thing I can do is to boil water and use the microwave.


8. If you could clone yourself, which of your characteristics you wouldn’t want to be cloned?

I would not want to be cloned. There can only be one ME, if not I would have ended up fighting with my clone until the “last Kelvin standing.” A Mexican standoff sounds great.



9. Having worked together with Filipinos, you sure have learned a few Filipino words from them. Can you share a few?

Looks like my time has come for me to shine. Before I begin, allow me to thank “The Great Guro – Peach” for teaching me Filipino words.


Me: Magandang umaga, maganda


Guro: Salamat. Mahusay ka!


Me: Walang anuman!


Guro: Sige, salamat din!


How odd that until today, I still do not know what “Maganda” means.


10. What do you love most about OOm?

I get to show off my newly learnt Filipino words to my Filipinos friends at OOm! Such as


Arvie a.k.a Beach Man #SurferPro


Jam a.k.a Meme Master #GifExpert


Rich a.k.a Muscle Man #ShiaLabeouf


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