Jun 09 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Kristofer Benigno

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

You’ve read his works and you see his name on our website almost every other day, but apart from that, you might not know much about him. In this week’s Look Who’s Talking, we are giving the spot to one of the pillars of our content department. He may seem a little introvert at first but this lad is full of words and ideas once you get to know him better.

People of the Internet, here’s our Content Writer, Kristofer Benigno.


Describe your role at OOm.

As a content writer and social media manager, my role in OOm is to research and create original, creative, and engaging content both for OOm and for OOm’s clients.

My role includes brainstorming for different angles for particular topics, finding current trends on engaging social media posts, and doing extensive research on specialized industries to craft quality content.


In the world of search engine optimisation, how important is it for a company to produce creative and original contents?

It is very important. In the world of search, a company’s website is its image. So if the company’s website has little to no content, it tells people that the company has no activity or is not active in letting people know what they do and what they are experts in. It’s like saying a dead website is a dead company.


In your years of experience in content writing, what do you think is the most underrated and overrated qualities in your field?

I think the most underrated quality of being a writer is being a meticulous researcher. People think that research is just simply going into google, putting in search queries, and taking the information as is.  While this is a form of research, it’s not enough to create a content that is original and creative. To create crafty content, we must be able to understand the subject matter very well, and that requires extensive research.

As for most overrated quality, I think it’s the writing. The writing isn’t as hard as people think it is hahaha.


Do you also write other pieces aside from advertising or marketing contents? What do you usually write about?

I do poetry. Mostly about heartbreak and being lonely. I do happy pieces only when I’m in-loved. XD


Who is your dream interviewee?

Dream interviewee? Elizabeth Olsen. Why? She’s pretty and I’m a fan.


When words don’t come easy, where do you usually get inspiration to write?

Music. Most of the time I silently sing while thinking of the right words to type. It helps keep my mind off the writing block and enough time to declutter my head to find the right words.


What’s your secret talent that no one else knows about you?

I don’t really know. I’m an open book to the people close to me. XD


What’s your favourite movie of all time?

Split. The one with James Mcavoy because it has such a deep story and James really portrayed his character well.


If you were to be trapped in an island with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Elizabeth Olsen. See question 5.


What do you love about OOm?

I love the people and the environment. They’re all very welcoming and helpful. And the environment is not stringent and conducive for growth.