Look Who's Talking: Lou Vanya Valenzuela

Aug 24 2019

Look Who’s Talking: Lou Vanya Valenzuela

Written by Charisma Felix

Strong-willed, dedicated, brainy, and radical—our guest for this week’s episode of Look Who’s Talking is many things. But, if there’s one thing she isn’t, it’s someone who quits on life’s challenges.


For almost a year of being with us at OOm, we are witnesses to her determination to achieve her dreams, despite the hurdles trying to sidetrack her.  Ready yourself for one of OOm’s most invaluable Content Writers, Lou Vanya Valenzuela!



Describe your role at OOm.

As a Content Writer, I write link building articles for different accounts and blogs for our website.


How is a typical day like at work?

Nothing much, really. I always start my day by filling up my jug with water before I do any work because I’d like to stay hydrated. From then on, I start writing and do Internet breaks in between. A few times, my teammates and I would chat about a few things and that’s pretty much about it.


What do you enjoy most at work?

I feel a subtle sense of bliss every time I finish an article, so I guess that counts.

What is your greatest achievement at work so far?

I can say that my greatest achievement would be reaching this far. I mean, looking back, I learned a lot of things about myself and from the people whom I meet every day—not just about the industry.


What are your greatest challenges at work? How do you cope with them?

The greatest challenge would be writing during my idle moments because I could not really function. The next thing I knew, the time has already passed and I wasn’t able to do anything! I coped with this gradually. I regularly conditioned myself that I always had to be aware whenever I spaced out. So I can snap out of it. Sometimes, I watch KPOP music videos to calm myself. I also cope, ironically, by looking at self-deprecating and weird memes!



Given the chance to offer a product or service, what would it be and why?

I’m not really sure because I’m not the type who recommends products and services to people. I’m more about letting them discover things and subtly recommending what I have experienced about a particular product type. If there’s anything I would strongly suggest to people, it is to stream Melodrama by Lorde!! It’s such a great album—it’s Art™️!


If you’re invisible for a day, what places do you want to see?

If a day can cover it, I want to hitch a ride with astronauts and see the universe! I’ve always been fascinated by the expanse of the universe. If hitching a ride with astronauts isn’t possible, then I can make do with visiting Japan.


If you are an anime character, who would you be and why?

During my down days, I would just want to be Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha. Sometimes, I would just like to jump inside a well and become transported to a different time and space!


But on normal days, I really look up to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (the Brotherhood version, if we’re talking about the anime series). For one, we have the same beliefs on most things. I like how we both believe that everything is within a grand stream that cannot be seen. We are all mere specks of dust but while we are little, we are a part of that grand stream. Without us, there wouldn’t be any stream at all. Likewise, without the universe, we wouldn’t be here. I know it sounds vague, but it can be applied to everything, from a large scale, down to the most personal ones. We have the same views on the dialectics of things.


He is also a scientist and does not make judgments based on preconceived, superficial notions. He observes based on objective conditions and not on idealistic. More importantly, he continues to struggle and is eager about what the world offers. On normal days, I get that energy. I can go on but for now, that’s that (shut up, nerd!).


What kind of video game do you want to create and why?

The kind of game that I want already exists: The Sims. It’s so fun and it’s the best distraction ever.


What do you love most about OOm?

I really love how laid-back OOm is!

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