Look Who’s Talking - Mark Robert Buraga (SP)

Sep 19 2020

Look Who’s Talking – Mark Robert Buraga (SP)

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

Is talent innate, or is it something that you can hone as time progresses? Talent goes both ways, but for Mark Robert Buraga, it is more of the latter.


Mark is new to SEO, but thanks to OOm, he has learned a lot about digital marketing and gained a knack for doing keyword research, optimising websites, and many more!


Know more about Mark Robert Buraga in our latest episode of Look Who’s Talking!


Describe your role in OOm

My role is to conduct keyword research, evaluate and monitor keyword performance, optimise web pages, undertake competitor analysis, and prepare necessary reports.




What is your greatest skill at work?

I believe my attention to detail is my greatest asset right now.



What is one weakness at work you wish to improve?

I’m a newbie in the SEO industry. My experience in SEO literally started with OOm. That being said, my weakness, I believe, is that I don’t know what I don’t know.



How do you relax if you are stressed at work?

I work out and play Dota 2. I like watching anime and Netflix. These are the things I do to relax.



Everyone has their own music taste. Tell us more about your personal taste in music

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t have favourites. In terms of music, anything that sounds good to my ear, I would listen to. When I work, I play some lo-fi music, it helps me focus.



If you were stranded on a deserted island with only two persons of your choice, who would they be? Why?

The guy from Man vs. Wild (Bear Grylls) and the main character from Dr. Stone (a Japanese anime and manga series). Mainly because they would help me survive.



Pick one celebrity (local or international) who you wish to be with for one day. Why?

Michael Jordan. I guess that’s enough reason why.




If you could only wear one pair of shoes forever, what would it be and why?

Adidas UltraBoost, because they’re extremely comfortable.



What are your personal goals in life?

I would like to be an expert in SEO. From there, I would like to use my knowledge to support and grow my office supplies business. Then, I would like to get married. So far, that’s my immediate goal.



What do you love about OOm?

I love that even though I haven’t met everyone in person, they’re all very welcoming. My team, in particular, has been very helpful to me. The culture that has been established in OOm is ideal.

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