Look Who's Talking: Micah Tan

Aug 25 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Micah Tan

Written by Kristofer Benigno

In today’s Look Who’s Talking, we’re sitting down with one of Development and Creative (DC) team’s strongest team support: Micah Tan! She’s the one that oversees the DC team’s work and ensures that everything is a-okay. Find out more about here below:




Describe Your Role At OOm.

QA / Web support – To check and ensure that our web projects/designs are not just it looks great but cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive. Help my team to discover design issues during cross-browser testing, development errors and also SEO onsite implementations.



What Would You Consider Your Biggest Achievement While Working In Oom?

Deliver my task fast and on time and having a good relationship with my OOm family.



What Do You Find Most Fulfilling In Your Work?

When I deliver my task ahead of scheduled time.



How Do You Balance Your Tasks To Ensure That You Deliver Tasks On Time?

Do my tasks first, other activities later.



What’s The Most Challenging Part Of Your Work?

When there’s a task assigned, and there’s an urgent task and another task.



When Does Time Pass Fastest For You And When Does It Pass The Slowest?

Fastest time for me: When I run fast, watching tv series, and doing household chores.

Slowest time for me: When I’m doing nothing. Haha!



What’s The Biggest Lesson Life Has Taught You?

Whatever happens, don’t give up. \m/



What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Said Or Done Around Someone You Had A Crush On?

I’m a shy person. =) ?



What Snack Can You Just Not Get Enough Of?

Salted egg chips ❤



What Do You Love About OOm?

OOm friends and colleagues; Office pantry supplies

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