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He always welcomes you with a mischievous grin that seems to know your deepest secrets, yet one that would make you feel reassured with his presence. What lies beyond those grins, however, are not playful pranks but stirrings—stirrings to design and create. See the world embellished by marvellous plays of colours recollected in balance and subtlety through our Web Designer, Michael Keith Villanueva, or as we call him, Mike!




Describe Your Role In OOm

I’m a web designer designing websites and breaking the rules to find a balance between design and SEO. As a web designer, we are bound to meet certain limitations, especially we are in a client-based industry. Such limitations include time constraints, SEO standards, target markets, and client happiness. By knowing these plus 5 years of experience, I can say that nothing is easy when doing this job. However, with the experience I’ve gained, I get to become more flexible with situations to think inside, on it, and beyond the box to find its balance.



We Understand That You Are Into Arts And Design As A Web Designer. Can You Tell Us About What Made You Love Doing What You Do?


One is the influence of my family as we are a family of artists and designers. When you’re around these kinds of people, you are more likely to get curious and be wowed about these things. As a kid, I tend to watch how my dad, my brother, and my sisters achieve SUCH WOW artworks which led me to test out my natural artistic abilities and damn, it paid off very well.


Second is the curiosity of the what, how, and why of the arts. Growing up, I joined multiple art competitions in and out of the school which helped my growth as an artist—I became exposed to the whats and hows of creating beautiful artworks, enough to bag multiple awards. In terms of the whys, I honed it when I was in college, where it paved the way of knowing that I’m not an artist, but a designer. I learned that designers put a purpose and a function on their artworks thus being a designer is a great match for me.


Third are the people around me who give their comments, compliments, and suggestions that gave me the confidence to do and love design passionately, whatever problems were thrown at me. There will always be a solution to every design problem and finding them is interesting and exciting for me.   



Who Or What Do You Consider As Your Muse When Working? Why?

My muse is the future because anything can happen towards it. Some future events can be predicted but most of the time, you don’t know what to expect and that’s the beauty of it. The unpredictability of it makes you understand and value your life even more. Live our lives to the fullest and to do that, we have to deal with problems head-on and find solutions. It may be a negative or a positive one. That’s why in the web design industry, always find ways to make the future aesthetically beautiful and conveniently bright for the users of your upcoming websites.



What’s The Coolest Thing About What You Do?

There’s the aesthetic beauty of designing websites—the seeing your designs get launched to the public but the best one is venturing out to find new ways to enhance your design and the users’ experience. Exploring for new possibilities is exhilarating especially that the web design industry has always been changing and moving forward every year.



What Do You Do To Revitalise Your Creative Juices?

Water is all you need. Joking aside, I usually wander off to see different wonderful websites from Behance, Pinterest, Dribbble, and most of all, Awwwards. This way, I can see new things to try out and experiment for myself with my designs. If my time and my wallet permit me, I’ll attend seminars, workshops, and conferences to feed on new information from different perspectives in the design industry.



If You Could Live In Any Sitcom Or Tv Show, Which One Would It Be?

I’d probably choose to live in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma world because I’d like to try all the exquisite food they have been making in this Cooking Anime. Who doesn’t love food made by gifted High Schoolers, making your clothes ripped apart whenever you taste each dish? Must Watch!



What’s Your Dream Project?

Career-wise, I’d like to be a part of the team that makes the first website that would be accessible via hologram, or Virtual Reality, if feasible. Personally, I’d like to fly somewhere in USA, Europe or Australia and migrate to that place because I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else that would fit my personality, passions, ambitions, and future Mrs Villanueva.



If Given A Chance To Have An Entire Week For Yourself With A Limitless Credit Card, What Will You Do?


I would probably buy a private island with full amenities and employed staff to run a resort for people, including me, who just wants to get away from the city,  lay by the sand, and watch the sunset in front of you. Of course, it will be very affordable but will only be available if there are reservations. And when the limitless credit card weekends, I would still have a business to go back to, and money would keep coming in.



What Are Some Of Your Pet Peeves?

I get easily annoyed when someone tells me or reminds me what to do when in fact, I don’t want to do it or I’ll do them sometime later . I hate the fact that we don’t have the luxury of time and we just have to make time for it. That’s why deadlines are a no for me especially if it’s just 15 mins for a 30 min job but at the end of the day, as long as we notify them when we finish tasks at our own time and or required the same day, then there’s no harm done. The job still gets done, and there will be no backfires that will haunt us.



What Do You Love About OOm?


I love that the company has so many great plans in the future for the Philippine-based office which means that the bosses can see the potential in their employees and the office as a successful venture for them. The resources they put to making things easier like the software programs we need to use for our everyday work, the breaks we need to refresh our work-life balance, and the employee engagement we need to be interactive and fun within the office. So, I’ve got high hopes with this one. 

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