Look Who’s Talking: Renzo Ednaco

Sep 22 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Renzo Ednaco

Written by Charisma Felix

In this week’s Look Who’s Talking, we are featuring the man behind our web designs. He gives character and personality on our clients’ websites through colors, shapes, and out-of-the-box concepts. Despite his quiet and behave facade, he is a dedicated part of the Development and Creative team, a father of a 2-year old boy, and real rockstar creative at heart.


Ladies and gents, here’s our Graphic and Web Designer, Renzo Ednaco.




Describe Your Role at OOm.

I turn shitty website into more appealing website. I try to solve problems, creatively.
I’m the Graphic/Web Designer of OOm.



Where Do You Draw Inspiration When Creating Designs For Your Clients?

I carefully analyze what the client’s needs are and I try to balance that with what I think is creatively paralleled to their brand.


With this process, I tend to create designs that I haven’t done before. Also, I do  research. There’s a lot of research involved before starting a design project.



How Do You Keep Yourself Productive At Work?

Inspiration and Music. Also by keeping yourself productive even after work like learning something new. It keeps my creativity flowing until the next day.



What Makes A Good Design In Terms Of Digital Marketing?

If you notice nothing wrong, that is good design.



What Is Your Take On Template Designs Versus Original Designs?

F**k templates, I’m sick of it! I like creating something different and new.



If You Were To Change A Part Of Your Life From The Past, What Would It Be?

I think I’m okay with my past. But if I have to change something from the past, I’ll kill Hitler or change his path. Or maybe witness how Jesus got crucified; I’m skeptical. Hahaha!



Any Skill You Faked ‘til You Made It?

Web Design, I’ve learned it the hard way. Since I have no experience having a senior designer guiding me through out my whole career. I learned it by self studying.



If You Were To Be A Member Of A Popular Band (Local Or Foreign), What Band Would You Want To Be A Part Of, And Why?

Bands from Tool, Deftones, Opeth, Death, Nile, Hammock and Kadangyan.

I don’t mind what role, seeing them live would be an incredible experience.



Choose One Famous Person (Living Or Dead) That You Want To Spend A Day With, And Why?

James Maynard Keenan of Tool or Chino Moreno of Deftones. I would like to talk about their inspiration in creating their songs. Also, Gaahl of Gorgorth. This dude is f**king legit! When it comes to beliefs, on what is a god for him/her (he’s gay) this dudes is on point explaining why he/she hates being a follower, a sheep.



What Do You Love About OOm?

No f**k!ng a$$h**les is really one of the traits I’m looking for in a company, which we cannot control. My colleagues are really kind.

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