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Jun 01 2019

Look Who’s Talking: Richard Lumanog

Written by Charisma Felix

This week, let’s focus the spotlight to one of the tenured SEO strategists of OOm. He is one of the pillars that make our SEO campaigns strong. You can describe him as a simple guy with a hidden wit and an awful lot of sense of humor. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Richard Paolo Lumanog.



1. Describe your role at OOm.

As part of the Strategic Planning team, aside from working on the initial phase of the website optimization doing keyword research and analyzing website on what to improve to rank better on search engines, I’m also into refilling our water dispenser once it’s empty. I also message my officemates on Skype once Kuya 1 and Kuya 2 arrived to sell lunch meals.



2. Name one of the most underrated aspects of the SEO industry.

I think it is the technical crawlability of the website for search engine indexing. I’m basing this on my own experience and observation on the the websites I’ve worked on. Some websites just don’t care too much on the site structure just as long as they achieved the design and elements needed. The common issues I encounter are missing alt text on images and improper header tagging.



3. How do you keep yourself productive at work?

Whenever I started working, I always expect that I will learn literally something from the websites and different tasks that I’m been doing. This helps me to learn more that will benefit me for the improvement of my work and career as well.



4. What do yo think is the best attribute necessary as a Digital SEO Strategist?

For me, the best attribute is to ask questions first before doing something or anything that you’re not sure of. Asking question is very important to clarify things first and to understand what to do on things that needs to work on. This may sound somewhat irritating for some but for me this is better instead of doing things which you are unclear of.



5. If you are not in the SEO industry, what would you be doing?

Maybe I would be a barker or a cigarette and candy vendor on the street. But professionally, maybe I would be working on anything that’s related to accounting, either on banks or private offices.



6. If we have already perfected a time machine and you will have a chance to use it, would you go back to the past or will you fast forward to the future and why?

I’d love to go back to the past because there are less things to worry as a child such as believing on Santa Claus during Christmas season, ghosts during All Saint’s Day, and worrying what to give to your crush during Valentine’s Day are such fun things I’d love to experience again.



7. Do you think faking a skill can be effective? Have you tried it?

If you’re really desperate to impress and get your dream job, it is a good move, in my opinion. Just as long as you will try your very best to actually learn that skill you’re boasting. I never really tried it but maybe some day.



8. Choose a movie (local or foreign) that you would want to be living in/part of?

Ready Player One. I really like the concept of the movie which is about video games.



9. Where will you go on the first sign of Apocalypse, and why?

On the first sign, I will be securing my self or my family with food as many as possible and of course a sturdy shelter. Then on the second, I will be hoarding weapons for hunting and self defense. Or just anything what the characters on Zombieland does.



10. What do you love about OOm?

People and work. Bidet and tissue.

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