Roe Cañete Web Developer


When it comes to SEO, talented web developers are a huge asset for any company. Luckily for OOm, we have skilled web developers at the helm. Part of the web development team is Roe Cañete, an aspiring web developer who is always motivated to do his best at work!


Know more about Roe Cañete in today’s segment of Look Who’s Talking!


Describe your role in OOm

As part of the Front End Web Development team, my role is to develop new websites, and maintain new and past websites created for OOm.



What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part about my job is that I’m working with a team that always motivates and inspires me every day.



What is your greatest contribution to OOm?

I think my greatest contribution to OOm is that I work hard and do all my tasks efficiently.



If you could choose one person at work to be your boss in your next job, who would it be?

I would choose Miss Rose because she always motivates our team to do well at work for OOm.



Do you believe in the supernatural? Why or why not?

Yes, because there’s so many things in this world people can’t explain.



Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Streaming games at home.



Who is your role model/mentor, and why?

My parents, because they raised me properly and taught me how to work hard.



How do you overcome challenging situations in your life?

I face the problem and find a solution on how I will overcome it, and sometimes I seek help from my family and friends.



What is your definition of happiness?

12 hours of sleep.



What do you love about OOm?

Healthy working environment and fun co-workers.

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