Look Who’s Talking: Rueben Rajkumar

Sep 01 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Rueben Rajkumar

Written by Kristofer Benigno

For this week’s Look Who’s Talking, we’re having someone who has a great sense of humor. He claims to look like Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, but we’ll let you be the judge. Without further ado, here’s Rueben Rajkumar!




Describe Your Role At Oom.

My role in OOm is to look for potential prospects that are willing to allow us to propose a strategy to increase their overall business presence on the common digital platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. My aim is to set the expectations with the client before they come onboard so that my backend team is able to manage them with ease.



What Skills/personality Do You Have That Helps You Accomplish Your Work?

I personally fel that it’s important to plan ahead of time as being part of the front line for the company. It’s important to be ‘detailed’ in my line of work because if I don’t set the right expectations with myself on the clients that I have in my pipeline then I wouldn’t know which client(s) I am able to bring in within the month.



How Do You Keep Yourself Productive While At Work?

I guess prioritising would help for this. There are things that would need to be done earlier and there would be things that can wait but at the end of the day, the aim would be to complete all of it. When I prioritise things, I realise that it makes me more productive at work.



What’s Your Biggest Achievement While Working With OOm?

Hmmm…that’s a good question… I guess going to the gym on daily basis after work has changed my lifestyle. This wouldn’t have happened without the initial influence from my fellow colleagues.



What Do You Think Are The Best Qualities Of Being A Business Manager?

Discipline and Salesmanship. I guess there’s always room for improvement due to the exposure we get.



If You Had The World’s Attention For 30 Seconds, What Would You Say?

Time is too short to look like crap..Take a step to change your lifestyle ..Start Lifting..I guess that would only take less then 10 secs.



What Is Your Favorite Type Of Workout?

I usually enjoy training my back more then the other parts of my body coz it give me ‘wings’.. If you want me to highlight the exact exercise then that would be the lat pulldown.



If You Had To Choose Between An Appleiphone X And A Samsung Note 9, What Would You Choose?

I have been an Iphone user since I got my 1stsmart phone so I would choose Apple Iphone X.



If You Will Go To Jail, What Do You Think Would Be Your Offense?

Identity Theft. I do get a number of comments from people that say I look like Dwayne Johnson. What do you think?



What Do You Love About OOm?

The family feel and the transparency between colleagues

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