Look Who’s Talking: Sebastian Tan

To end a yet another busy week, we are featuring one of the people who’s responsible in keeping our business going. He takes care of our company’s relationship with our clients, and he makes sure that they are properly taken care of. But on top of being busy communicating with the clients and with other departments, he also brings sunshine and laughter in the office.


Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you one of our business managers, Sebastian Tan.




Describe Your Role At Oom.

Testing~ Testing~: Hello all! I am part of the business team! Basically, my role is to find business opportunities by identifying new prospects as well as existing clients. Mainly, is to help the company to acquire more market share in our industry.


My second role at OOm is to bring laughter to everyone every day; hopefully I do.



What’s The Most Exciting Part Of Your Job?

Being someone that is not able to sit still as well as keeping quiet for long (HAHAHA). The most exciting part of my job is definitely going out to meet new people! I love meeting new people, understanding more how their business operate; what are the challenges that they are currently facing in terms of marketing aspect, etc. The other part of course is to share and help them to help overcome these problems with our awesome and effective strategies.


Most people that I met are friendly and we even chat about other stuff apart from work at the end of our meeting. The best part? Some even became my friends. Yeahhhh!!




How Many Brands Do You Handle And How Do You Manage To Keep Them Satisfied All The Time?

Currently, I have about 30 active accounts on-going that I am handling with my ever-ready colleagues.

To keep them satisfied all the time, I basically just need to stay cute, yo.



How Do You Deal With Account Crisis?

Whenever I face account crisis situation, I will have a discussion with the account manager as well as Strategist first on the current situation we are facing as well as what is the next step(s) that we are going to take. From there, we will let client know of our suggestions and recommendations.



So Far, What Would You Consider As Your Greatest Achievement In OOm.

In my opinion, I have not achieved what I want to achieve YET. It’s a secret but… More to come!!!



What’s Any Skill That You Always Wish To Have?

I wish Spiderman could loan me his Spider Webs so I can travel around flying!



Of All The Places You’ve Been To, What Do You Consider As The Most Beautiful Spot, And Why?

Taj Mahal in India, I went to India during my time serving the Nation. For R&R, I went to Taj Mahal (one of the seven wonders of the world). Words cannot describe the beautifulness of the ivory white marble mausoleum when the sunlight shines on it.



Who Is Your Childhood Hero And Why?

I have a team of Childhood Heroes which is basically the 1998/1999 Man Utd Team that won the historic Treble (English Premier League, FA Cup & Champions League). I was only 8-9 years old at that time but I already started watching football. They are the only club I supported and will always support them forever! GGMU



If You Were To Live In One Country/city For The Rest Of Your Life, Where Would You Choose To Stay?

Honestly, Singapore. There are countless of places around the world that I want to visit but if we were to talk about living the rest of my life, the only place that I feel absolutely comfortable and where I will call home is in my home country.



What Do You Love About OOm?

At OOm, there is no hierarchy, no politics. The culture here is absolutely awesome!