Sep 08 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Sheena Cayabyab

Posted by Aj Aviado

On today’s Look Who’s Talking series, we take a look at one of the future generation’s next SEO’s. Our quiet (secret guitarist and singer) Sheena “Yna” Cayabyab!

Yna Cayabyab

Describe your role at OOm.

If SEO is a city that constantly evolves and changes its landscape, then linkbuiding is the game plan so you can stand out from the crowd, get to the top, and secure that spot the longest you can. We monitor the health of an account’s keywords and create campaigns accordingly. Building links is like making a lot of friends (hyperlinks) that vouch for you, and the more friends you have, the more Google will recognize you as a credible person and list you in their directory.

How do you keep yourself productive every day?

Some people try to squeeze more tasks in their eight-hour shift than what they can actually handle. I have done that as well, trying to get too much done at once just to meet deadlines. However, this practice is counter-productive and it can burn you out especially if you do it every single day. Getting things done and getting it done well requires focus. So what I do is I make a checklist and focus on tasks that requires priority and move on to the next until I finish all my tasks for the day.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?

It is being able to make a creative effort to contribute to the team, from planning to execution. When someone does his or her part and shares something valuable to the team, it is teamwork. And I guess this kind of teamwork is my drive to show up at work every day.

What is the most underrated quality in your field?

Preparation. To me, the strategic planning team is like the lifeblood of the SEO services we offer. Execution takes a lot of effort and focus, but planning is equally demanding because it requires research and collective effort from the team.

What can you consider your biggest contribution to your team?

Cooperation. I don’t think that one’s greatest contribution is a one grand feat that would make others look up to you. I think it’s a series of consistent efforts to be a good team player.

What constitutes a good vacation for you?

I live and work in the city, and my idea of a perfect vacation is anything that’s opposite of the city atmosphere. Anywhere that’s calm, peaceful, and quiet. Like swinging on a hammock by the beach and sipping a strawberry fruit shake with the people dear to you.

What is your most favourite social media website, and why?

What I use most is YouTube. It’s because aside from blogs, it’s where I can find almost everything–covers, DIYs, vlogs, and more–without straining my eyes too much from reading.

Would you rather be smart or beautiful, why?

If what we’re talking about is the superficial beauty and being brainy, I’d pick the latter, of course. A society of smart people can bring about developments in health, cosmetics, technology, and more. Hence, smart people make a lot of money, enough for them to splurge on anything that would make them beautiful. :-)))

If you were to be trapped in an island with just one of your possessions, what would it be and why?

Since it’s an island and there will always be something to eat, the chances of survival will be pretty high, as long as I have someone with me. I think the best possession that I can bring is a companion. Pi survived long after he and the Bengal tiger finished all their food stored in the lifeboat because of Richard Parker. So it’s either my mom or my boyfriend. Haha.

What do you love about OOm?

The atmosphere and the people. We’re a small team and we work closely together. It’s one of the workplaces that I enjoyed the most, and the people here have gotten close to my heart. We are already like a family.

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