Look Who’s Talking - Sukanya Vajanasert (Senior Account Manager)

Aug 02 2020

Look Who’s Talking – Sukanya Vajanasert (Senior Account Manager)

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

As an account manager, your goal is to help your company grow by building strong relationships and earning more profits. Fortunately for OOm Singapore, Sukanya Vajanasert is the perfect person for the role!


Known in the workplace as Ploy, Sukanya Vajanasert is a Senior Account Manager who is skilled in handling clients, forming relationships, and creating efficient strategies. Know more about Sukanya Vajanasert in this week’s Look Who’s Talking!



Describe your role in OOm

A beautiful farmer. My role is to take care of the crop (accounts), harvest, grow, and finally turn these into profit.




If you could choose someone to be your boss at work, who would it be and why?

Daddy. Not sugar daddy—what are you thinking?


Someone who can lead, guide, and grow the employees, like a father-figure. Both Ian and Wyvan are a true leader and a good father for all of us.


Well, they are familiar with this role as they are a father themselves. Boss, pay raise next month?



What is one skill at work that you wish to improve?

Mental balance (emotional intelligence) is a really important skill in the workplace. As an account manager, we’ll have to face many challenges and different situations with all types of clients and positions.


I’m constantly learning and trying to improve on self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and social skills. Especially self-regulation—as a person with many emotions, I try to control my emotions at work.



What is one lesson related to work that you wish to teach to others?

Not exactly a lesson, more like a tip. Grab your tea or coffee, plan your calendar well, and you’ll be on top of your game to hit all the deadlines!



If you could live somewhere else for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?

Don’t think I will ever settle in one place. Anywhere with people I love and love me. That’s all that matters.



Which fictional character would you love to meet in person?

Not a fan of fictional characters. Prefers the real deal. Though oftentimes, I feel like a superstar.




If you have a problem outside of work, who do you trust the most to help you and why?

Aside from my fiancée (left hand, shows ring),  I pray 😉



Do you believe in the afterlife? Why or why not?

Child of God. Journeying in this amazing journey in his beautiful creation.



What are the most important attributes of a good person?

Wisdom, humanity, and love.



What do you love about OOm?

OOm (obviously cannot omit mankind). Okay, sorry, trying too hard to fit a good acronym. Shoutout to all the beautiful people in OOm! Woohoo!

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