Look Who's Talking | Sukanya Vajanasert (Senior Account Manager)

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The goal of an account manager is to help the company grow by building strong relationships and earning more profits. Fortunately for OOm Singapore, Sukanya Vajanasert is the perfect person for the role!


Known in the workplace as Ploy, Sukanya Vajanasert is a Senior Account Manager who is skilled in handling clients, forming relationships, and creating efficient strategies. Know more about Sukanya Vajanasert in this week’s Look Who’s Talking!


Sukanya Vajanasert, Senior Account Manager


Describe your role as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager in OOm

Basically I am an account manager who helps clients manage their digital campaigns. To illustrate, my role is like a farmer, planting the seeds (campaigns), making them grow and ensuring that there is abundant harvest (results) at the end of the campaign period.


An Inspiration for Sukanya to Pursue Her Dreams


Who inspired / inspires you to pursue the career you have today?

I first saw the job description of a Digital Marketer years back when I was planning for a career switch. I went to research more on the industry and I was intrigued by the roles and responsibilities as I found them extremely interesting. I knew right away that it was something I wanted to try out as I foresee many growth opportunities ahead.


I regularly listen to Tony Robbin’s talks to keep me motivated! On a side note, his husky voice truly sparks joy in my heart and keeps my mind at peace LOL. A female representative I look up to is Marie Forleo. She inspires many women, like myself, to have faith in the direction that our lives are heading and be assured that we can face our fears, fulfill our dreams and find a solution to our problems. She wrote a book titled ‘Everything is Figureoutable’. Most Importantly, keep faith, trust yourself and things will fall into place.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Umm.. The incident happened in Las Vegas. You know the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” 🍺:cocktail::tropical_drink::wine_glass::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass::champagne:


Be Adventurous and Travel


Name your favourite activity.

I love to move around, be adventurous and travel! I love cycling too! During my free time, I will go cycling and feel the breeze. It makes me feel relaxed and it is definitely one of my favourite activities that help me reduce stress!


If you have the opportunity to take a gap year, which country would you spend it in?


JAPAN! It is a food heaven! My favourite is raw squid sushi! Not forgetting their fruits too! It is amazing! Just so sweet and delicious! Oiishi desu ne! おいしい です ね!

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