Aug 18 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Symphony Reyes

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

It’s another end of the week and it’s time for another OOm exclusive feature. This week, we are featuring an old soul trapped inside the body of a young girl. She is one of the most hardworking employee we have; she’s witty, she’s creative, and she has a jolly personality that can turn your mood around.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s one of our SEO Link Builders, Symphony Reyes


Describe your role at OOm

Uhm, first of all, why are we not starting this with a fast talk? HAHA! JK. I just really want us to start with a good laugh.

Well, honestly, I am a bit confused how this question should be answered. Should I just go ahead and talk about it plainly, or should I talk about it in a deeper sense? Because, professionally speaking, if you are really just asking about what we are doing without complexifying the technicalities of it, we are just simply building links. That would be the simplest definition in a nutshell. But metaphorically speaking, what we do is like maintaining strong strings for the ropes that lifts and holds the load high in a pulley.

To make it a lot less complicated, let’s just say that my job is to create and provide strong, relevant, and high quality backlinks; but my role is to keep a strong hold in making and maintaining our client’s website (the load) rank high.


What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Aside from keeping the rankings high, I would say that keeping up with the constant changes in Search Engine’s algorithm is the most challenging part of being an SEO link builder.

Yes, we do encounter a lot of other great challenges like a very hectic schedule, but I think those kinds of problems are more manageable compared to Google’s abrupt changes in its algorithm. Why? Because it usually affects most of our accounts’ rankings, big time. So when that happens, we have to formulate another strategy and plan to get back to where we were before. Seems like we’re starting over again. A whole new cycle each time Google gives new updates.


How do you keep yourself productive every day?

Simple. Just have a clear picture of what needs to be done for the day, listen to music (and sing sometimes), take small breaks, laugh a little, and of course, scare myself about pilling up the tasks.


What do you consider the most underrated qualities in your field?

Heavy time management and organizational skills. Generating backlinks might sound simple but have I ever told you that we were handling almost 40 accounts each, before our team got a little bigger? Yes. We do that.


Do you think Link Building is really essential in SEO strategies? Why?

Yes. Because just like the pulley example that I’ve mentioned earlier, the links are the strands that makes up the rope and carries the load. Without proper link building activities, there will be no enough to lift up the client’s website. In the digital world, the quality inbound links from reliable websites are like votes or key signals that increases the popularity and trustworthiness of a website. And who do you think Google will allow to rank in the results page? Of course, the popular, relevant, and trustworthy websites. It will take me forever if I talk about everything in here. If you want me to tell you more, just hit me up 😉


What do you usually do when you are stuck in heavy traffic?

Actually there are three things. It’s either I listen to music, or think about whatever; but most of the time, I sleep a lot.


If tomorrow is your last day on earth, what will you do today?

I will clean the whole house. As in like, spotless clean. I don’t know. I really haven’t think about this before. I just feel like dying in a pleasant, clean, and tidy place will let me die in peace. Hahaha! Then I’ll cook the most delicious food I know so when my mom comes home, she can eat well with the food that I prepared. And maybe, write a bunch of letters. Although I would really love to see the people that I care about the most, I don’t think meeting them will be practical. Come on! We’re in the Philippines. I might get stuck in traffic and I don’t want to spend most of my remaining time on that. Also, letters are better because it can be kept. Plus, I’m seriously not good in saying goodbyes.


Who’s a fictional character that best describes you, and why?

Damn this is hard ‘coz I personally haven’t compared myself to any fictional character. I just watch movies and TV shows as they are and I set myself away from the things that they do on screen. Can we already consider that as an answer? Lol.

But, let me think a about it a little harder…

I’m not really sure about this answer, but I guess the fictional character that describes me the most is Arya Stark. I mean, if you remember her from the earlier episodes, she was very playful by nature, a kid at heart, and a bit stubborn. But when the Lannisters messed up with their family, she turned into a whole new person. She didn’t just sit around. She has her own way of getting things done and she doesn’t let anybody know what she’s up to. She finishes things on her own. She has done many things so well even when she’s alone especially when she’s alone and far away from people.

In addition to that, she’s also not the kind of character who really aims for the spotlight. She only does her own thing. I mean if you have noticed, everybody is fighting over a freaking throne in order to rule over the Seven Kingdoms, but all she’s ever been fighting for is bringing justice over death of her family. In that case, I would say that we match some of our qualities. I don’t think I really care about becoming the most powerful or being the cleverest, or getting too much attention, I just really hate disrespect in all forms.

I also love her way of killing in silence. She keeps on giving the bad guys the taste of their own goddamn medicine, yet she doesn’t portray any particular identity. She doesn’t have to be anyone. She can be whoever she wants to be by just being “no one”. In short, Arya Stark is nobody’s b*tch. Haha


If you were to choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’m telling you this is going to be a bit tricky because I have a really complex personality. I really like to tell you a specific song but I have lots of different moods, extreme moods! I cannot just stay to one song forever. But maybe I can tell you one song for each mood. Unfortunately, it won’t fit your question anymore, right? So let’s just end it this way. Hahaha


What do you love about OOm?

About that, I actually have two things in mind.

First and foremost are the people that I work with. We always got each other’s back and we always have a fun time working with each other. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m lucky for staying this long in my first job.

Secondly, talking about the company itself, I love having the company’s challenges. I admit it’s quite frustrating sometimes (and it’s no secret at all), but it is where we get our rush from. I also believe that OOm, as a digital marketing agency, is a continuous work in progress. With the right plan, approach, and strategies, OOm will never be stagnant.

So there you go. We really did skip the part where we do fast talk. I’m a bit disappointed. HAHAHA!


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