Look Who's Talking: Terry Teng

Jul 13 2019

Look Who’s Talking: Terry Teng

Written by Charisma Felix

The SEM team at OOm Singapore is home to many digital marketing experts, and one of them is this eccentric and charismatic lad. OOm Singapore is proud to present one of our expert SEM strategists, Terry Teng! Know more about the self-proclaimed god in the brief interview presented below.




Describe your role in OOm

I am the god of the Paid Performance team.



What motivates you to work?

I have to spread my gospel to my colleagues in the office. Maintaining a fellowship requires hard work and elbow grease.



What’s your proudest achievement in OOm?

I gained 18 new worshippers in the Singapore office. It’s like a new religion. I subtly named it, Terryism.



What’s the best thing you learned while working at OOm?

Not going to brag, but no matter how douchey you are, people will adore you, sing your praises and put you on a pedestal if you’re a god. Again, I’m definitely not bragging.



What’s a quote, phrase, or saying you live by?

“Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the f**k you were going to do anyway.” – Robert Downey Jr.



Who/what is your favourite artist/band and why?

Choi Seung Hyun, aka T.O.P., the most handsome man alive. Looks of a god, face of an angel, features from heaven.



If you had a time machine, where and when in history would you explore?

I would go back to 2004. So I can bet my entire family fortune on Greece winning Euro 2004.



Who’s your real-life role model?

My father. He fathered a legend that turned out to be a god.



If your idea of a god/goddess exists, what would you say to him/her?

That would be like talking to myself, which coincidentally, I do on a daily basis. I’d say “You are such a god-like, inspirational, awe-inducing, perfect specimen of Man. If only the rest of the world were to take after you, it’ll be the next great leap for mankind; technological advances beyond measure, the elevation of the entire species towards perfection, head and shoulders above all other lifeforms in this universe – the possibilities are endless when you’re like Terry. Be like Terry.



What do you love about OOm?

I love the people, myself, the culture, the environment, my job and myself. Largely, I love myself. Did I mention that I love myself? Just in case you missed it.


Some times I sit back and look at what I typed and think, “Sigh, what a humble and subtle fella you are, Terry!” And then pat myself on the back. It’s important to stay grounded.

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Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga




Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

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