Jun 17 2018

Look Who’s Talking: TJ Tobias

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Our featured OOm star is a man of few words. He looks a little bit shy at first but he is very dedicated and hardworking. This week’s Look Who’s Talking spot is for the man who’s behind most of our web development & design projects. He’s been with OOm for quite a long time and he has contributed a lot to the growth of the company.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our Front End Developer, TJ Tobias.


Describe your role at OOm.

Front End Developer


Tell us how you started in this career.

By loving what I really wanted to do in my career.


What do you think is the most important aspect about your job that most people always take for granted?

Fast and quality of my work.


Name some of the best websites you consider as good, it can be something that you’ve worked on or by someone else. Tell us why you think it’s good.

Nothing in particular, but a clean and minimalist website always catches my attention.


Any dream account you would want to work on in the future? Why?

One account that supports a small company, I’ve experience it before. Hahaha. Why? Cos there’s no need to look for other clients. Haha!


How do you refuel your creativity? What’s your usual off-work routine?

SEX (Sleep, Eat, Relax). Sometimes, wandering off helps.


Off work? Usually at home – Netflix and chill, hobbies, sleeping and freelance job.


Is there any skill that you faked ‘til you made it?

Eating 4 cups of rice ‘til I made it.


If you were to be omnipotent for a day, what’s the first three things that you will do?

Save the earth, save my love life and save my progress game.


Who is your favourite fictional character, and why?

Unicorns, they have HORNS and rainbow, like.. it’s a horse with a HORN! You know.


What do you love about OOm?


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