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Competition Extermination: Using Content To Dominate The Market

Yeo Junie, Marketing Director (Indonesia & Singapore) at Rentokil Initial


Content conceptualisation and generation form the foundation in driving Rentokil’s digital landscape. Connecting back to business and marketing objectives, contents have to serve the KPIs of optimising brand awareness and visibility and as well as delivering ROI that impacts the P&L such as leads conversions among core services.




Base on a customer journey, we share stories at different touchpoints to address users’ frustrations, pain points and pressing concerns. This includes discussing conversations such as pest myths, how to keep pests away, what causes pest infestations and the common mistakes and habits we are all guilty but unaware of. For example, what happens if you do not dispose of overnight waste?


Everyone is unique with needs and priorities and hence it is important to personalise a content base on very specific and targeted interest. For instance, pest control and home safety at different stages of motherhood, 10 things homeowners should know about pest control or a checklist for regular travelers to avoid hitchhiking bed bugs back.


It’s about storytelling of experience and offering a solution or quick tips to resolve their struggles and challenges, rather than writing what we sell which readers’ may not relate to. Content relevancy and authenticity are critical in generating interest, credibility, and engagement among audiences.



Content distribution has to be integrated and holistic to ensure we are reaching out to relevant audiences with a significant brand impact. Besides optimising the contents on the primary content platform – website, contents can be re-purposed in bite-size versions on social media or curated for visibility and reaction on blogs – the controversial lifestyle angle for example, “Is low floor unit home prone to pests?” To enhance the brand authority digitally, contents can be further distributed on strategic and credible 3rd party websites for example, to The Asian Parents, Home and Décor and Expat Living.




Leads and conversions through online forms and phone enquiry are tracked for campaign and content effectiveness. A compelling reason to believe, the conviction to take any action and clear CTA instructions have to be considered to close the customer purchasing journey loop.


Content Should Not Be Treated Standalone. Integrating with Adwords campaign is important to ensure what has been invested are translated into results. Landing pages used for Adwords campaign should be enhanced and tweaked base on conversion tracking performance measured year on year and month on month. Are the keywords targeted, ad copies drafted and the landing page directed well connected?


Embracing content marketing is a progressive journey. A series of processes has to be embarked on at different stages and enhancements or Optimization is an ongoing process. Rentokil has seen a YTD significant increase in conversions and brand reinforcement with an increase of impressions.

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