Manpower Tips 1: Freelance SEO Professionals vs SEO Agencies

Sometimes we’re offered two choices: the easy way or the hard way. But we all know life isn’t that easy and it’s only full of surprises. This is why we should take our time and think twice before we make a decision.


You can say the same when we’re you’re hiring a professional. In the digital marketing realm, who are we supposed to hire: a freelancer or a firm?


We all know how digital marketing is an important aspect of managing a business. The world we live in is centred around the Internet, so it’s only obvious to hire a professional to help market your brand online.


The next time you’ll need an SEO professional, you’ll have to choose between a freelancer or an SEO agency in Singapore. Which one should you choose?  First, learn more about the pros and cons of SEO freelancers and agencies.



The Pros And Cons

Everything comes at a price. No matter how expensive or how cheap, the price will determine its quality. With freelancers and agencies, the same can be said. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, which is why you should discover them.




SEO freelancers live a very different life compared to agencies. There’s different pay, rules, and priorities. But in the end, they’re just as adept in SEO services as an SEO agency.


Most freelancers offer the same outsource search engine optimization methods. However, the difference lies within their scope of limitations. There’s not enough manpower if you’re going to hire a freelancer.


With that said, here are their pros and cons to summarise the expertise of freelancers.



  • Much cheaper to hire compared to SEO companies.
  • Since freelancers usually accept fewer clients, they have more time for you.
  • You have more control over your campaign.



  • Personnel can be an issue since most freelancers either work alone or work with limited staff.
  • The quality of work can only be determined after a few trials and errors.




Now that you’re acquainted with SEO freelancers, why don’t we introduce you to the everyday SEO firm or agency?


An SEO firm, in its very essence, is a “company” with a wide range of employees and an organized system. If you have the money, why not hire an SEO firm instead?


However, it’s not as simple as 1-2-3. While SEO companies usually have the manpower and skill to provide you with what you need, there are a few factors to consider first.



  • Usually updated with current SEO trends and strategies.
  • There’s a wide range of employees, normally with different departments with assigned specialities.
  • A professional workplace, meaning the company is more in line with their objectives without any bias whatsoever.



  • You have less control over your campaign and strategies.
  • Since SEO firms generally have a long list of clients, there’s less time to communicate with them.


With both options laid out in the open, it’s you can now decide which one is better worth investing in. But first, you have to consider your business and its capabilities. 


How much can you afford? What does your brand need? Decide between a freelancer and a firm by considering these factors first.


1. Budget


Money is everything, and this is true when you’re managing a business. Your budget and resources will determine whether you’ll hire a freelancer or an agency. Simply put, it all boils down to how much money you can give.


What kind of business do you manage, anyway? The bigger your brand, the more people you need. And with more people, you’ll need more money. In short, if your brand is huge, you’ll need to pay a lot of good money in return.


2. Availability And Control

The availability of your hired professional can play a huge role in your campaign. Between a freelancer and an agency, the former is more open to feedback and communication. This means you can contact them at almost any time to see if your campaign is on the right track.


However, this isn’t a guaranteed success either. With an SEO agency, while there’s less time for communication, you’re still provided with an overview of your campaign. The only problem is the agency probably won’t be available 24/7.




With everything said and done, it’s still up to you whether you’ll hire an SEO freelancer or a digital agency in Singapore. There’s no guaranteed success with either option, so the best way to approach your campaign is to assess your brand’s needs. Go for the choice that seems like a worthwhile investment.


Better yet, why not hire us instead? For digital marketing needs, contact OOm at +65 6391 0930 for more information regarding our SEO services.