Mar 11 2020

Marketing in the Digital Age: How SEO Services Help Companies in Singapore 

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In this day and age, anyone from the digital marketing industry assumes every business already knows about SEO. 

But, while it is the case, what’s surprising is how SEO remains to be one of the most misunderstood digital marketing mediums out there—and it’s completely undeserved. Many SEO companies in Singapore assume this damaged reputation stems mostly from the select few who implemented these strategies without much return on their investment. 

Instead of listening to hearsay and general public opinion, why don’t you look into what the facts and statistics say? Here, you’ll find that while a reputable SEO firm doesn’t guarantee results, their long-term success rate far outweighs the risks and failures that come with this medium. 

You will also realise that most of these failures are actually a failure to implement effective SEO strategies. 

5 SEO Statistics You Should Know 

SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate 

The primary objective of SEO is to attract visitors that are actively searching for relevant products or services to your website. Therefore, it’s not surprising that leads from SEO have a 14.6% average conversion rate—strikingly higher than the 1.7% average conversion rate of print ads and email marketing. (Source

Google accounts for more than 90% of the total search engine market share 

The majority of online experiences start with a search engine—93% to be exact. Google currently holds more than 90% of this total search engine market share, followed by YouTube, Yahoo!, Bing, and Amazon. (Source)

75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of SERPs 

The majority of users usually don’t go past the first page of search engine results (SERPs). It’s also worth mentioning that 33% of organic clicks go to the page in the first position, 18% in the second, and 11% in the third or under. These figures illustrate the importance of ranking on the first page of SERPs. (Source

21% of users click through more than one of the search results 

At least 1 out of 5 users clicks on more than one of the search results. It’s most likely to happen if the user can’t find what they were looking for or want additional resources to the information they have initially found. (Source

96% of Singaporeans use Google 

The number of search engine users in Singapore are at an all-time high, with 96% of the total population are using Google. It goes without saying that Singaporeans don’t even think about where to search online, they just Google it. It’s obvious that Google is the most viable option if you’re looking to capture online traffic, with the only downside being, the rest of your competitors will be competing in the same platform

Digital Marketing: What Search Would Be Like Without SEO 

SEO is Google’s way of ranking websites for each search. Without the SEO we have today, it would be easy to manipulate the search results so that a website with the most links or most pages will consistently rank first. Keyword stuffing would probably remain a thing—a strategy that was effective back in the 90s when search engines depended heavily on exact keyword matches.

Without SEO, it’s even hard to imagine how users would search for businesses or seek information on a daily basis. Basically, we need it so we are visible to our target audience and so they don’t have to spend more than a few seconds to find relevant information. 

Why SEO Matters and Will Continue To Do So In the Future 

This medium keeps the search results fair. For the past two decades, the Google algorithm has undergone a series of updates with each geared towards making the search engine better at ranking content based on quality and its ability to fulfil the semantic intent of a search. In layman’s terms, keyword targeting becomes increasingly less important, in favour of content that adds value to users, solves their problems and answers questions. 

It goes to show that if you want to have a better chance of showing up in the top results, you will have to meet these criteria because, after all, hard work and a website that attracts visitors correlate with high SEO rankings. 

Working with an SEO Company 

These days, businesses trust SEO agencies in Singapore to do the work for them. These companies help organisations rank higher in search engines using a series of key SEO strategies and practices that at least include the following:

  • Technical Audit – The process of looking through a website to assess on-page and off-page elements and make sure that there is nothing that could prevent it from ranking. It may include recommendations on how to make the website rank better. 
  • Keyword Research – An essential component of SEO packages in which a set number of keywords will be optimised to drive traffic to your website. These can include analysing competitor’s keywords as well as surveying users to determine which set of keywords drive the most traffic. 
  • Link Building – Much like the efforts you do on your website, off-page optimisation is also essential in improving your SEO rankings. Often, this service includes submitting your website to directors, writing guest blog posts, social bookmarking and analysing competitor’s link profiles. 
  • Content Marketing – Aside from writing blog articles, content marketing may also include optimising some of the pages on your website by rewriting and including the keywords that you target. 

Aside from these strategies, the goal of SEO services in Singapore is to improve the overall user experience on your website, making it more likely for users to engage further with your business—whether it means reading your blog, inquiring about a product/service, or making a purchase. 

Ultimately, the benefit of SEO is that it’s cost-effective. Sure, you can spend so much on paid ads, but even with that, you would still need to drive qualified and organic traffic to your site for long-term success. 

Hiring a full-service SEO company in Singapore that bundles these services can also add up to the cost-saving factor of SEO thus, you can rest assured knowing that the investment is worth it. 

Interested to learn more about SEO? Get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts at OOm Singapore today. 

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