Marketing Tips Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The entire world is taking extra steps to make sure people are safe from COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus disease. However, while governments worldwide are urging people to stay at home, not everyone can follow such protocols. But, what about business owners?


Some people can stay at home and continue their jobs, but you can’t say the same for business owners like us. Some of us can’t manage our day-to-day operations at home and maintain the same level of efficiency due to the pandemic.


Fortunately, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together as we fight against the virus. Most importantly, we won’t let the panic and fear stop us from doing what we do best: managing a business and helping the country’s economy.


With that said, we’re here to help fellow business owners across various industries in Singapore continue their marketing efforts. In doing so, you’ll engage with your clients or customers while your business stays afloat at such an unfortunate time.



Food And Beverage (F&B) Industry


At a time like this, supermarkets and convenience stores have the public’s full support. Like our brave frontliners in the medical industry, these establishments continue to help citizens nationwide by providing daily essentials that keep people healthy.


While most F&B outlets—such as restaurants and cafes—are limited to delivery orders only, food suppliers (abattoirs, cold stores, etc.), supermarkets, and grocery stores will remain open. Either way, F&B establishments can benefit from establishing an online presence despite the current circumstances.


Offer Other Items (Besides Food And Beverages)

With that said, food and beverages aren’t the only products you can offer for the time being. Try promoting gift cards or loyalty rewards that customers can redeem after the circuit breaker. If you have an online store, you can encourage your customers to share your posts or page on social media to increase your brand awareness and online presence. In return, you’ll reward them for their efforts.


Communicate With Your Customers

What the public needs right now is information. As for your establishment, you could inform your customers about your available services.


What are your available options at the moment? For instance, if you offer online delivery services, you could promote on social media. Post content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to let your customers know that open for online deliveries.



Fitness Industry


Unfortunately, gyms, fitness studios, and other related establishments are closed while the circuit breaker is still in effect. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop the fitness industry from gaining traction. Fortunately, the easiest way to interact with your audience is to do what fitness enthusiasts do best, that’s helping others stay healthy.


With almost everyone in the country staying and working at home, there’s so much free time to be spent on exercising and eating healthy foods. In short, being fit is more relevant than ever. You can help others stay clean and healthy by utilising two specific marketing strategies: creating content and social media marketing.


Create Quality Content

While most of your customers and clients are staying at home, you can create quality content that will help them use their free time exercising and maintaining a diet. You could create videos and write articles on how to remain fit while the quarantine is still in session. Other strategies include making how-to videos of homemade recipes so people can cook healthy foods of their own.


Social Media Marketing

You can distribute your fitness videos, articles, and blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Marketing on networking sites will allow your business to connect with more people in the process. Plus, it’s an efficient way to reach your target audience and inform them of your fitness services or products.



Medical Industry


To our brave frontliners that are saving lives, we thank you for your valiant efforts and courage. In light of the situation, we’d like to help medical institutions out there, such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals, in marketing their brands so they could help other patients in need as well.


Update Your Website

With a lot of people staying inside their homes, their source of information mainly comes from the Internet, mostly from websites and forums. As such, you should build a responsive healthcare website as well, so you can make sure your site’s visitors are well informed about your medical services.


It’s worth mentioning that prospective patients tend to stay longer on websites that run smoothly and quickly. Test your site speeds to make sure users have a convenient time accessing your website. That way, you’ll provide sufficient information at a faster rate for would-be patients who need medical services.



E-Commerce Industry


The e-commerce industry is also greatly affected by COVID-19. Marketplaces such as Lazada and Amazon find it more difficult to manage their services amid the growing challenges ahead. Fortunately, there’s still a way to market your online store during these hard times.


Deliver To The Customer’s Doorstep

Since staying at home is the number one guideline for citizens worldwide, online shopping is becoming more prominent than ever. You could help your customers practise social distancing by delivering their products straight to their doorstep. It’s safer and more efficient overall. Just remember to protect yourself and the package by maintaining cleanliness to keep the customer safe as well.



Real Estate Industry


During a time like this, we’re supposed to adjust our methods in favour of smarter tactics. Fortunately, some of the tried and tested marketing strategies are right in front of you all along.


Use Your Voice

Communication is key to gaining clients in the real estate industry, and it’s even more important than ever with the pandemic glooming over us. All you need is a telephone and your voice to communicate with your clients and prospects so you can maintain a stable relationship with them.


Try getting busy on social media and connect with potential clients who might be interested in your services. The trick is to be proactive and communicate with your target audience to keep them well informed. It’s simple and cheap, but it’s also effective if done properly.




To our clients, partners, and other businesses, we’d like to thank you for staying with us during these hard times. Without you, we won’t be able to deliver our services the way we are doing today!


Everyone’s lives are at stake, which is why it takes a collective effort to combat the virus and keep each other safe during a dreary time as of late. Remember: we’re all in this together, and only we have the power to fight against COVID-19! Doing so should not only keep us safe but also help the economy remain stable.