Movie Marketing: What can we Learn from it?

What separates film promotion and digital marketing? To tell you the truth, not that much. In fact, digital marketing itself is part of film promotion. However, there are many things you could learn when it comes to film promotion. Digital marketing and film promotion go a long way, as they basically go hand in hand like plants and water. In this case, films are the plant and digital marketing is the water. How so?


Back in the old days, films and TV shows relied on traditional marketing. This means promoting by word-of-mouth communication, posters, press releases, and commercials. Nowadays, everything is more digital since people have better access to online platforms. This is where digital marketing and films go together like apples and oranges in a fruit basket.


The opportunities are endless when it comes to film promotion via digital marketing. The discussion we should bring up is how businesses can learn from film marketing in the digital age. A film’s success can ultimately be determined by how much people have gained access to their promotional materials which can be done on the internet.


With the internet as a vast world of exploration all around the world, there’s no doubt that online film marketing is smart and beneficial.


Social media as a platform


The easiest and probably most financially-friendly way to promote films is through social media platforms. These social networks could be Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. It’s the very same reason why businesses use social media as a venue for selling and buying.


The very same platform is used by studios to promote their films. What businesses could learn from online film promotion is how studios manage to promote their materials on the web.


One good example is Instagram. As a hub for everything art, pop culture, and trends, Instagram is a platform for many opportunities. This is why you see a lot of films and ads on Instagram. Commercials and posters that are posted on Instagram have a high chance of reaching out to their target market.


The same strategy could be utilised with any business. Release promotional material, utilise keywords and effective phrases, then optimise your web content. With social media as a platform, it’s guaranteed any business can gain attention as long as they market themselves effectively.


Engaging with others on a personal level


Ever noticed how some people love to engage with others, either verbally or non-verbally, as long as they send and receive messages? This is the case for web users all around the world. We, as people, are sociable by nature. But with the web as a centralised venue for communication, we’re given more options to explore. We can engage with others without having to see eye to eye.


In the film industry, it’s common for celebrities to promote their films on social media by interacting with others. As previously mentioned, social media is a platform for opportunities. With networks like Twitter, celebrities (and even fictional characters from films) promote their films by engaging with fans online.


For example, celebrities use their Twitter accounts to promote their films as they engage in conversations with fans. Heck, even fictional characters have Twitter accounts nowadays!


What businesses can learn from this is how to engage with customers on a more personal level. Wendy’s already has its own official Twitter account, and the way the brand engages with fellow Twitter accounts is hilarious! Big brands could hire famous people to promote their products on Twitter and/or Facebook, or they can create their own social media accounts to communicate with their customers.


Giving your customers incentives


Communicating with your customers is one thing, but engaging with them is on another level. One good way you could entice your customers to dive into more of your products and services is by giving them incentives. This means you can provide them with interactive quizzes or competitions. The good thing about this is that it’s a low-risk and high-reward kind of set-up. You won’t have to invest in a financially risky move. All you have to do is hook your customers into participating in your interactive offers.


This tactic is common for film and TV shows, where competitions and quizzes are prominent. It’s been an effective strategy so far as it provides studios with positive results without having to risk anything too valuable.


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