OOm Is Now An Approved Vendor Of The E-Commerce PSG

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OOm is excited to announce that it is now an approved vendor of the e-commerce Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).


The PSG grant was launched in April 2018 to assist businesses in their transformation journey through technology adoption. It spans across a wide range of industries including logistics, construction, and most importantly, e-commerce sectors in Singapore


As the e-commerce landscape continues to flourish and thrive in this digital age, e-commerce businesses would do well to reassess and reevaluate their e-commerce website and design and development. A well-constructed e-commerce website is vital to converting customers and driving sales. 


With the PSG e-commerce grant, physical stores are supported in their transition from an offline to online platform. Businesses can receive up to 80% funding support on their e-commerce website design and development


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) stand to benefit greatly from the PSG e-commerce grant. Apart from receiving up to 80% support on e-commerce solutions, enterprises can reach out to a global audience 24/7, improve operational processes and increase profits through reducing operational expenses. 


By choosing OOm as their PSG e-commerce grant vendor, businesses can expect their e-commerce websites to be integrated with key features such as secured e-payment, inventory management, customer engagement, mobile optimisation and much more.


“This PSG e-commerce grant will be especially helpful to SMEs in a landscape disrupted by the pandemic. As a full-suite digital marketing agency, our expertise extends beyond just setting up an e-commerce website, we also provide services to market the e-commerce website to help businesses thrive in the digital world.” said the CEO and Co-Founder of OOm, Ian Cheow. 


“Digital marketing goes beyond SEO. It is also about understanding how to leverage e-commerce and build a strong and viable online presence. We believe this is where we can step in to help SMEs shine and proliferate.” said the COO and Co-Founder of OOm, Wyvan Xu.  


Established in 2006 and is now one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore with over 15 years of experience, OOm is the partner of choice to help SMEs through their e-commerce website design and development journey. Their experience and expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce SEO and solutions places them in the ideal position to support businesses in their digitalisation endeavours and achieve the desired results.


Prior to the PSG e-commerce grant, OOm is also an approved vendor of the Digital Marketing PSG. The Digital Marketing PSG and e-commerce PSG can be applied together to further boost digital marketing.


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OOm looks forward to creating meaningful collaborations and delivering nothing less than exceptional service. With an extensive clientele ranging from multinational corporations (MNSCs) to government entities and SMEs, the agency is confident in guiding businesses every step of the way and bringing success to their clients.