Out With The Old, In With The New: How To Revamp Your Website

As we start this new year fresh and renewed, surely, you must have a thing or two on your mind about the things you have to change about yourself for the better. Either you want to live a healthier lifestyle this coming year and hit the gym or eat more greens. Some also choose to focus on their career and own 2020. For what it’s worth, common denominators among these hopefuls is the concept of discarding old, unhealthy, and probably outdated ways and welcoming fresh, and vibrant ways.


This can be applied not only to ourselves but also to digital marketing. Most site owners see it the best time to cleanse their websites every new year and to try to employ a new online look. Like how other people’s resolutions, some tend to fail because of several reasons. For you to make sure that your website revamps will go smoothly, here are a few tips on how to give your online presence a new look:



Assess Your Website

We first look and do self-criticism for us to know which quality we have needs to be changed or improved. The same goes with website revamps. Of course, assessing the self proves to be simpler. When it comes with websites, you have to rely heavily on the data that you have. From here, you would know which page or campaign has to be changed.



Update Your Target Audience Research

Since your website is greatly affected by how your consumers perceive it, you may need to do more updated research about who your audiences really are. The reason that your website is not doing well maybe because your audiences are not targeted enough. Once you have done research about your target audience, it will be easier for you to revamp your website according to their tastes.



Find Out What Needs To Be Changed And What Still Works

You are not assessing your website just because. In assessing your website, you also have to be more analytical and figure out the things that you have to change. These may be the pages that need to be improved because of several shortcomings. Surely, there must also be some things about your website that can still be retained.



List Down What You Want To Change

Now that you have figured out the things that you have to change, it is necessary for you to list them down. This allows you to know the extent of the revamp you are going to do. This also allows you a final assessment if these necessary points somehow relate with each other. Be sure to also consider if changes with these will affect your other pages or if it will cannibalise your keywords.



Define New Goals

Every new year’s resolution has a theme. Revamping a website may not entirely have a theme but it surely has goals. Now that you have prepared enough information, all you need is to have a clear sense of direction. You may want to have a lot of changes but be careful so as not to make your page too bombarding, unless you are vying for the eclectic look. However, even eclectic designs follow an order that’s pleasantly attractive. For this year, decide on a set of goals you want for your company that your website can complement and represent.



Check Out New Website Styles And Trends

You would need to seek a bit of inspiration as we now get in with the actual work of redesigning your website. Scour the Internet with new designs and be mindful about how other websites do their design according to their brand identity. When it comes with art and design, especially in this generation, you have to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild.



Start Creating A Website Design Plan

A lot of things look and sound good at the surface but when you begin to see it in actuality, you may just become disappointed. To avoid this, you better start creating a website design plan so you can, at least, see how your website will look based on what you have spurned from looking for inspiration. Creating a website design plan will also save you money, time, and effort because in case there are things that need to be changed, it can easily be tweaked.


Here are just some of the things that can help you when gearing towards revamping your website as a new year, a new decade starts. This proves to be difficult when you also need to deal with the main processes in your business. With this, we suggest that you entrust this campaign to professional website developers or companies that offer this service like OOm.