Outsource vs Inhouse: Should You Hire A SEM Agency In Singapore?

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If you want to create a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, you have two options: outsourcing and in-house hiring. You can either outsource your SEM services to a digital marketing company or build your very own team of marketers.


Nowadays, outsourcing your digital marketing services is a wise choice, especially if you have little to no knowledge of SEM. On the other hand, hiring employees who excel in SEM is also a great idea. The only problem is that in-house recruitment is more time-consuming and usually more expensive.


Nonetheless, outsourcing and in-house recruiting both have their pros and cons. Whether or not you should outsource to an SEM company will depend on your goals, needs, and budget.


Which one is better for your business: outsourcing or in-house? First, we need to discover the pros and cons of both options.



What Is Outsourcing”>What Is Outsourcing?

What is Outsourcing


Outsourcing is the act of hiring another company to do specific services for your business. In the case of SEM, you can choose any preferred digital marketing company and let its employees handle your SEM campaign. The company will be responsible for your marketing campaign and everything related to it.


Similar to in-house recruiting, outsourcing to an agency will allow you to work alongside professionals. However, with outsourcing, you will relay your services externally, as opposed to having a team of in-house content creators and marketers.


Outsourcing may be the perfect choice for creating effective SEM strategies. But first, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.




1. Save Time

Building an in-house team will take a lot of time and money before you generate any significant results. However, that isn’t the case if you choose to outsource your SEM. With outsourcing, you can let the SEM agency do all of its magic while you observe your campaign from a bird’s eye view.


2. Follow Effective Marketing Practices

SEM agencies excel in different aspects of digital marketing, not just SEM. You can count on your SEM company to come up with effective marketing strategies based on your goals. The SEM company can guarantee significant results and meet your expectations as time progresses.


3. It’s Affordable

Outsourcing can be expensive, but it is still more affordable than hiring new employees. In the long run, outsourcing is cost-effective, meaning you will get your money’s worth if your marketing campaign continues to perform well in the future.




1. Lack Of Total Control

On the downside, the purpose of outsourcing is to let a company handle your marketing for a hefty price. That means you lack total control over your marketing campaign and strategies. You can still monitor your performance, but the rest is out of your hands as the SEM company does everything else.


2. Choosing The Right Agency Is Hard

All SEM agencies function differently, as each one offers its unique brand of marketing. For that reason, choosing the right SEM agency for your business is going to be challenging. You have to find the best agency depending on a few factors, such as credibility, expertise, and range of services.



What Is In-house Recruitment?

What is In-house Recruitment


If you want to hire marketers to be a part of your company, in-house recruitment is the perfect choice for you. Unlike outsourcing, you have total control over your marketing strategies. When it comes to in-house marketing, you can choose whoever you want to handle your SEM campaign.




1. Build Your Very Own Team

The best part about in-house marketing is that you can create your team of marketers. You will look for candidates who excel in SEM, SEO, and digital marketing in general. Who you choose is up to you, as long as you hire the perfect candidates for your team.


2. Familiarise Your Company With SEM

Your company can grow to excel in SEM if your marketing team has potential. That’s why you should hire the best digital marketers available, so you can create an excellent team with the potential to help your company’s growth in terms of marketing.




1. It’s Costly

The problem with in-house marketing is that it costs more money than outsourcing. You will have to pay each member of your team for their services, as opposed to outsourcing that has a wide price range depending on the company’s SEM package.


2. Understanding SEM Will Take Time

Hiring your SEM specialists is the easiest part of the in-house process, but it is also time-consuming. Not to mention, getting used to doing SEM may take some time, especially if you are new to the said field of digital marketing.



Which One Is Better?

If you want to make a cost-effective investment, outsourcing is the better choice. Look for an SEM agency that can help you come up with efficient marketing strategies! On the other hand, in-house marketing is an excellent idea if you have the budget and resources required to build an SEM team.


The better option will depend on your goals and needs! If you want to know more about outsourcing, try to get in touch with an SEM agency and find out how it can benefit your business.


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