Passive Link Building Secrets

…that’s “Passive” Link Building Dr. 😉


Familiar with the idea that you could make your money work for you instead of the other way around? That’s the same principle behind passive link building. In essence, you don’t do much work to maintain anything. There’s just the barest and minimum amount of effort needed to keep things running smoothly. This is, of course, ideal. After all, anything that you can do with the least amount of work that yields great results is worth learning about. Do more by doing less. It sounds like some ancient kung-fu type of discipline, but in a sense, it really is.


So if you are indeed interested on how this can be achieved, here are several ways through which you could link build passively.


First, you’ve got to earn it. You have to set up a great foundation, a site with great content and not just a site about the latest or most popular online. It has to have staying power. It has to be continuously relevant. Something that’s made for the people. It’s all about your readers and what they would want to read or learn about.


Then, there are five steps you can practice to build that foundation.


What’s your concept? What’s the gap in the market you want or need to address? What are you going to be passionate about? What are you going to fight for?


When you have your winning concept, your press release, and a site full of winning content, then find the perfect venue on which you could launch or have your press release, appear. The bigger media partner it is, the better. After all, you are banking on that site’s credibility to rub off on you. By having your press release published on their site or in a broadsheet with a circulation of 60k-600k people, you get to build on your online reputation. This all helps you establish the kind of foundation you’ll need for passive link building.


Optimize it. Of course, once you have your content out there, do everything you can to share it to the right people, the right audience. Visibility must be high for multiple channels.

Do outreach. This is basically the stage where you find more people to connect to, and more people to share the content for you. If you have ten people on the team, then get all of those ten people to share the content to their respective circles. It’s all a numbers game. The more people you reach, the higher the potential traffic and the better conversion could be.


Extend. This is when you opt for paid advertising. SEO, after all, is for the long term. In the meantime, you could do well to boost your traffic by supplementing your long-term SEO strategy with short-term paid advertising or online marketing.


Go back to number 1 and repeat until you finally achieve a level of online success and credibility that visitors will just naturally and regularly bop over to your site.


Besides the fact that you’ll be doing more by doing less, you’ll be able to balance and manage more tasks by being this efficient.