“People Also Ask”: The Rise Of Related Questions

Google and other search engines today have been evolving. As much as they can, they already give you everything they could. Especially with Google, they are now geared towards becoming the destination, rather than just the stopover. This means that with their top-notch algorithm, they are now looking into providing you with the results and a more optimised interface that is more pleasing to the eyes. Once you type in your query, you need not sift through the links and websites that are listed—you need to simply glance and everything’s handed down to you. They have truly become the destination.


And in case they have not yet offered you what you need in a single glance, just a few scrolls and you will be welcomed with what we’re gonna talk about today: the “People also ask” option.



What Are Related Questions Or The “People Also Ask” Feature?


As you type in queries on Google, you will be welcomed after a few scrolls downwards with other things that Google may offer, in case you did not get what you need. Look below for how the “People also ask” feature look:


As the term implies, this “People also ask” option offers you with queries that other users make on Google. Google already presents this to you in case you need it so you can know more about the topic you are searching about. It also allows you to move to another related topic in case you were not able to find what you need. What is interesting about this is that it allows you to know how Google has understood your query. Truly, Google’s algorithm is becoming more and more advanced that SEO agencies and basically anyone who practices SEO have to catch up.


More than this, the “People also ask” feature also offers a very convenient alternative where you can immediately get the answers you need without leaving the search engine results page in front of you.



How Often Does The “People Also Ask” Option Show Up?

According to this data report from Moz last 2019, this feature shows up 43% of the time. Meaning, you can expect the aid of the “People also ask” feature in one out of three searches on Google. This makes Google’s related question the fourth most commonly displayed Google search feature out of all the features tracked by Moz in 2018.



What’s The Catch For Seo Strategists And Site Owners?

You may think that this will keep users from checking out your website but this “People also ask” feature actually does you good. SEO strategists and other site owners today aim to be featured in this snippet (and in other snippets by Google in general). Because this feature appears more regularly, there will always be chances of driving traffic by targeting related terms.


For instance, you can loop around and consider other ways or other questions that might come around related to the highly competitive query with a new piece of content. A related question may be less competitive, but you would have higher chances of appearing in the “People also ask” suggestions. This feature always appears on the first page, near the top, mind you. This way, it would offer more value if you become featured in this snippet.



How Can You Optimise Your Content For “People Also Ask”?

There are a few ways on how you can optimise for this option. Instead of competing for the lion’s share, you can just be smart, turn around, and go for the “People also ask” feature.


Since this feature is generated by the search engine’s algorithm, you cannot expect a dedicated markup that will be available for its inclusion in SERPs as answers to the “People also ask” questions.


In spite of this, it is not difficult to determine what’s needed for a page to be included in the “People also ask” feature. A few requirements may be present about which industry professional has agreed on to influence “People also ask” answers. Here are some of them:


  • Concise yet complete answers
  • Written as a matter-of-fact tone, and not in a way that markets
  • Uses a question and answer schema


You can also gain insights from the connection noticed to exist between “People also ask” and answer boxes or Featured Snippets. More often than not, what’s included in “People also ask” boxes are also included in the Answer Box for the search.


Here are just some of the things you need to know about this “People also ask” feature that may help you in optimising your website further. With SEO there truly are endless ways on how you can boost your brand. It’s sometimes so fascinating how you can wade your way through this massive space. Good thing, there are partners to help you explore it like SEO agencies here in Singapore like OOm.