Pinterest 101: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Inspiration comes from a single pop in our thought bubbles, which will soon branch out and assume its form in real life. Yes, inspiration also comes from researching and scrolling through the Internet to help us make our ideas more vivid and more detailed. Under this digital age, people rely on the Internet for a wide range of activities. The Internet has also become a platform for people to express their thoughts, emotions, and their creations. It becomes a platform that shapes culture.


Pinterest for eye-candy cravings

Among the many platforms where people can draw inspirations from like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more is Pinterest. Each social media platform provides a different demographic. Pinterest, on the one hand, is a platform for your eye-candy cravings. According to Omnicore, Pinterest now holds about 250 million monthly active users. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is not only composed of young female users—but they also have male users, and users between ages 25 and 54. Amassing 250 million users worldwide, Pinterest is more than a desirable field to showcase your business.


Users run to Pinterest to search for ideas about new items that they should buy. Seeing brands in users’ feeds is a good step in using optimising Pinterest for your campaigns. Some Pinners even discover brands on Pinterest, alone. With this, we provide you with tips on how to maximise Pinterest for your business, as collated by Christina Newberry in her article:



Add save buttons to your site

Adding save buttons to your account will be easier for users to engage with your Pins. With a save button, users can save your content with just a click even if they do not have a Pinterest application or browser installed. This step can optimise your Pinterest account that there will be a big amount of content Pinners saving from your site.


There are two options on this: automatic buttons and hover buttons. With automatic buttons, a Pinterest save button will appear on each image on your site. Hover buttons, on the other hand, appears when someone hovers their cursor over your images. You can also add Pinterest Save buttons only to several images in your site. The Pinterest Widget Builder allows you to create Pinterest Save buttons.


Keep pinning

Just like you would with your other social media platforms like Facebook or even with your website, you must keep your Pinterest account always updated. Here in Singapore, you must know when is the peak time for you to post your Pins, so you can get as many engagements as you can. You can post at least one Pin per day. With Pinterest, you must be consistent. It is best to post Pins separately over the course of the week rather than posting them all at once. Consider a 45-day advance when you are posting for an upcoming holiday, season, or event.


Highlight the visuals

Pinterest has a special demographic centered on users who are looking for visual inspirations. They get to look for visually-appealing products, so they would know what to buy. With this, your brand or your product must be visually-pleasing. Make sure that your product is clear, well-lit, well-composed, and in focus. Many Pinterest users are drawn to lifestyle images. With this, it would be best if your product is properly immersed in how users would see it in their daily lives in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.


Do not forget the content

Just because Pinterest is a highly visual-centric platform, does not mean you should neglect the words. Visuals, alone, would not make up an ideal Pin because the caption must also introduce the image with a knack of creativity. Do not forget to also include keywords in your descriptions.


Utilise Rich Pins

With Rich Pins, metadata are pulled from your site. This provides extra information about what Pinners will find when they click on a Pin. This can be used for apps, recipes, products, and articles. Rich Pins for articles will include a headline, the name of the author, the date the article was published, and a story description. Rich pins also connect you to the article with a call-to-action.


Engage in the community

Pinterest is a social media platform more than it is a billboard. Aside from posting Pins, you must also engage in the community by following other Pinners that are relevant but non-competitive the industry. Like other Pins and get social.


Track analytics

Assess your analytics so you would know your strengths and weaknesses. With analytics, you would know what you can improve on. You will see which Pins become the most popular at a given time and which Pin drives the most traffic to your site. Overseeing the analytics also allows you to see the boards where your Pins become included in. This gives you ideas on how the audiences receive your brand. You will also get information about the behaviour or demographics of your target audiences.


Try Pinterest Promoted Pins

By using Promoted Pins or Pinterest ads, your campaigns will be seen by more people. This adds more exposure to your brand and more than what you pay for. Data shows that with Promoted Pins, business accounts get an average of 20 percent more organic clicks.


Consider the accessibility of your Pins

Make sure that the Pins you post are accessible by also tweaking the context and meaning your images are founded on. Consider as well the users with certain disabilities like those who have low visibility or those who need screen-readers. These users struggle with Pinterest more than they do with other social media platforms. It is always best to make your Pins more inclusive as it can get. There are ways to solve this like adding context to descriptions, using strong typography, having large text, and incorporating colour contrast on your Pins.


Try Pinterest’s Promoted Video Campaign

Take your Pinterest Optimization to the next level by trying to release Promoted Video Campaigns. If your brand has a story to tell, maximise this opportunity by launching a video campaign. However, consider its efficiency by keeping it short, and making sure that viewers become hooked within the first few seconds. Make it more optimised that it can still be played and understood even without sound.



Here are just some of the tips that we thought you must know. The Internet is an interesting space where you meet different kinds of people on different kinds of platforms. The key is to just know the right audience. To help you in optimising your online presence not just on Pinterest but also on other social media platforms, seek a reliable social media marketing agency here in Singapore.