Podcasting in Singapore: How to Build Your Podcasting Audience?

Today, information dissemination has already assumed different forms and emerged from various digital marketing platforms. One of the forms of media that have emerged is podcasting.

Given how widespread and equally necessary digital marketing is, podcasting could be a favourable ground to introduce your brand and engage with consumers. With this great deal of publicity, more and more people will patronise your brand and continue trusting you.



What Is A Podcast?

You can describe podcasts as on-demand internet radio talks. The term podcast came from the words “pod” and “broadcast”. Pod means something portable that you can listen to wherever you go. Broadcast, in turn, draws inspiration from the medium of radio.


Also, unlike radio, you can choose and play a podcast anytime. This feature gives podcasting an edge over radio broadcasting. You can listen to any podcast about relevant topics.


Podcasts are recordings of conversations between a host and guest speaker. Podcasts are like the talk shows we listen to on the radio. It can also be a monologue of a person sharing their thoughts. They can be made accessible by searching for the tracks on the author’s website or Spotify while using any mobile device.


Nowadays, there are around 48 million podcast episodes worldwide as of April 2021. These numbers indicate the growth of podcasting as a medium globally.



Podcasting in Singapore

Today, as time has progressed, different radio stations and magazines are starting their own podcasts. The podcasting scene in Singapore has yet to grow compared to how it has spread overseas. 


According to Norman Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Esquire Singapore and Host of Esquire’s podcast THE BITE, Singaporeans do not feel the need to listen to podcasts while commuting since the country is geographically small.


Furthermore, Singapore ranks fourth in Asia when it comes to podcast consumption globally. Expect more Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, to become interested in podcasts, as most people stay at home and consume all types of media, from television to radio.


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How To Grow Your Podcast Audience?



1. Get Started On Your Podcast

To grow your podcast audience, try to understand the basics of having a holistic podcast. Assess what you currently have. Are your present podcasts dull? Are they a bit messy and unprepared? 


Some people say it is better to not have any podcasts at all than to have bad podcasts. If you think your podcasts need improvement, try to clear all of your past podcasts and start anew. This time, do it right. Think of a good, catchy title, crank up the equipment you will use, and work on your hosting skills. Have a good digital marketing platform where you can post your podcast, like Spotify or YouTube.


2. Engage With Your Listeners

If you are going to release a podcast, get to know your audience first. By understanding your audience, your podcast will more likely receive positive reception from listeners. 


Everyone knows how challenging it is to brainstorm topics, so why not ask the listeners themselves? After posting a podcast, you can add a comments section on what the audiences would like to hear next or if they have anything to suggest. Channel your quirkiness, and be more engaging. Do not be afraid to experiment and bring out fresh content.


Podcasting Quote Jordan Harbinger


3. Expand Your Network

Expand your network, and make friends with other podcasters. Having a broader range of networks would empower you to keep producing podcasts. You can also exchange a few tips and ideas in support of the whole podcasting scene. You can also go out and promote each other.


4. Optimise Your Social Media Page

Build a website and release blogs for your podcasting site. Experiment with different types of social media where you can get to know the followers supporting your podcast. Through your social media, you can also engage with your followers and get to know them better.


5. Repurpose Your Podcast

Create a more comprehensive structure of your plans on your podcast content. You can also repurpose your content and use a different medium,  making it possible for your podcast to release on a new platform. It allows you to reach a broader spectrum of audiences. One example is to create a transcript out of it with an excellent call to action.


6. Maintain Consistency

Now that you have tips for creating a good podcast, you must maintain the same level of quality over time. Make sure that you upload new episodes regularly that are sure to be well-planned out. Even if you are out on vacation, you can plan your podcasts and record them ahead of time. 


7. Do Collaborations

As said about expanding your network, you can also do collaborations with your fellow podcasters. It will bring your audiences together, which in return means more followers and supporters could listen to your podcasts.


These are just a few tips on how you can gain and expand your podcast audiences. You cannot deny that when launching podcasts, their relation to social media cannot be separated. It goes both ways that a good podcast cannot live alone without an optimised social media presence. 


Likewise, good publicity from social media cannot improve audiences if you have a bad podcast. With this, Singapore today has reliable social media marketing agencies and a digital marketing agency that can help you out with your social media marketing strategy.


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