All You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing in Singapore (2024)


Social media continues to be a powerful force in our digital-driven world, revolutionising the way brands engage with their audience and vice versa. With social media platforms becoming global hubs for connection and communication, businesses worldwide are harnessing the power of social media marketing to cultivate brand loyalty, amplify visibility, and drive tangible business outcomes.


In this comprehensive guide, we explore all there is to know about social media marketing in 2024, highlighting the key features of the top platforms in Singapore and uncovering the strategies that drive success in an interconnected digital world.



An Overview of Social Media Marketing in Singapore


According to statistics, Singapore boasts a high internet penetration rate of 96% (5.76 million people) as well as a generally tech-savvy population, showcasing the vibrancy of our social media landscape.


With 88.6% of local Internet users active on at least one social media platform, social media has proven to be a lucrative space for local businesses to connect with their target audience. In addition to that, mobile usage remains dominant at a staggering 162.2% penetration rate, emphasising the importance of mobile-friendly content and marketing strategies.


In terms of platform preferences, Facebook and Instagram continue to top the charts, with monthly usage rates of 72.7% and 60.3% respectively. However, TikTok is rapidly gaining traction, solidifying its position as the platform with the highest engagement, with users spending a staggering average of 33 hours and 23 minutes on the app. TikTok’s surge in popularity highlights its growing influence, emphasising the need for businesses to leverage its potential for reaching and interacting with the right target audience.


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The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing


With social media playing such a pivotal role in shaping consumer behaviour and brand perception in Singapore, it is more important than ever for brands to explore the potential of social media marketing. However, effective social media marketing requires a strong foundational understanding of its five pillars: strategy, content, engagement, analytics, and advertising.


  • Strategy

A solid strategy helps you start off strong, providing direction and ensuring that your efforts are aligned with your business objectives. This involves defining objectives, understanding your target audience, and outlining any tactics and channels you’ll use to achieve your goals.


  • Content

Content is the heart of social media marketing, encompassing various formats such as text, images, videos, and infographics. The key is to create valuable, interesting, and shareable content that resonates with your audience, drives user interaction, and reinforces your brand identity.


  • Engagement

User engagement is crucial for building relationships and fostering brand loyalty. Prioritise active responses and frequent interactions with comments, messages, and mentions, or initiate conversations and encourage user-generated content. These authentic interactions are pivotal in increasing customer satisfaction, strengthening brand affinity, and eventually turning them into returning customers.


  • Analytics

Gain insight into the performance of your social marketing efforts by monitoring and analysing key metrics, such as reach, engagement, and conversions. Tracking these metrics over time allows you to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your strategy for better results.


  • Advertising

Finally, paid advertising allows you to amplify your influence, supplementing organic social media by targeting specific demographics and driving conversions. Whether it is through sponsored posts, display ads, or influencer partnerships, effective advertising enables you to extend your brand’s visibility and attract new customers.



Exploring Social Media Platforms: Key Features and Tips

Having established a solid grasp of the fundamentals of social media marketing, it’s time to explore what the top social media platforms have to offer. Staying up-to-date with their various features allows you to choose the right platforms for your business and tailor your strategies to make use of their unique strengths effectively.




In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a formidable social media platform for marketing thanks to its unprecedented reach and engagement levels, particularly among younger demographics.


Useful Features on TikTok


1. TikTok Shop

A convenient shopping feature seamlessly integrated within the platform, TikTok Shop enables merchants, brands, and creators to showcase and sell their products directly to users. Sellers are given the flexibility to promote their products through various formats, including in-feed videos, live streams, and dedicated product showcase tabs. By enhancing the shopping experience for users, TikTok Shop also empowers creators and businesses, streamlining the conversion funnel.


2. Extended video length

Since its inception, TikTok has undergone several iterations in its video length policy, culminating in its recent extension to a maximum duration of 10 minutes per video. This shift positions TikTok to compete more directly with platforms like YouTube, which predominantly feature longer-form content such as vlogs, podcasts, and tutorials. At the same time, creators can now venture into more extensive content on TikTok while also benefiting from the platform’s substantial viewership.


3. Creator Search Insights

Earlier this year, TikTok introduced Creator Search Insights, a new feature that helps creators discover trending searches on the platform. With this, creators are now able to brainstorm content ideas and tailor creative strategies aligned with audience interests and preferences, fostering more compelling and relevant content.


Tips for Optimising Your TikTok Content


1. Experiment with different formats

Diversify your TikTok strategy by exploring a multitude of content formats. For example, engage with your following by replying to their comments through videos, making stitches or duets to broaden your reach to a new audience, and experimenting with TikTok’s photo carousel feature. This strategy will be instrumental in broadening your appeal, reaching a wider audience, and also encouraging repeat viewership.


2. Utilise trending sounds and effects

Using trending sounds and effects can significantly boost the popularity and appeal of your TikTok content. Sound alone commands a significant presence on TikTok, with surveys showing that 73% of users are more likely to pause and engage with ads with audio. When you incorporate popular sounds, music tracks, and effects into your videos, you not only increase your chances of appearing on the For You page but also attract attention from a wider audience base.


3. Be consistent and creative

Consistency is key in social media marketing, and TikTok is no exception. Establishing a regular posting schedule helps keep your content relevant and visible on users’ feeds. This helps build anticipation and loyalty among your followers, ultimately driving growth for your TikTok account.


Moreover, trying out a variety of different types of content will keep your TikTok presence fresh and diverse. From fun challenges to tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage, diversifying your content type not only caters to various viewer preferences but also boosts your chances of going viral and expanding your follower base.




As the leading social media platform in 2024, Facebook offers boundless opportunities and new, exciting features for businesses to market themselves more effectively. And with Facebook currently delivering the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to other social platforms, mastering social media marketing on this platform is vital for any business in Singapore.


Useful Facebook Features


1. EAI Studio

In September last year, Meta announced AI Studio, an innovative platform that allows developers and businesses to build and customise their own artificial intelligence (AI) models. Powered by advanced language models like Meta’s Llama 2, AI Studio allows you to create virtual assistants, automating and streamlining customer service efforts by answering frequently asked questions and providing personalised support.


2. Advantage+ shopping campaigns

Advantage+ shopping campaigns simplify and streamline e-commerce ad management, making social media marketing even more accessible and efficient. Leveraging the power of machine learning, you can input initial data and entrust the algorithm to execute complex tasks, including automatically identifying high-value customers and producing up to 150 creative combinations of content.


3. Meta Verified

Meta Verified enables creators and businesses to enhance their credibility and establish trust with their audience through a monthly paid subscription. This subscription grants them access to a coveted verified badge, identifying them as a legitimate and reputable entity. This enhances brand authenticity, strengthening trust and differentiating you from the competition.


Tips for Optimising Your Facebook Content

Simply creating a Facebook page for your business isn’t enough; a strategic approach is required to maximise its effectiveness and broaden your influence.


1. Establish a strong presence

Establishing a strong presence on your Facebook page is fundamental to capturing the attention of your target audience. This involves crafting a compelling and cohesive brand identity through visually appealing graphics, engaging content, and a consistent tone of voice. Additionally, you can form deeper connections with your audience and strengthen brand loyalty by sharing your brand’s story and values on your page. 



2. Optimise consistently

Consistent optimisation is key to ensuring that your Facebook page remains relevant and effective in attracting users. Regularly update your page information, such as contact details, business hours, and bio, to reflect any changes or developments within your business. Furthermore, using relevant keywords and hashtags optimises your content for search engines, making it easier for users to discover your content.



3. Ensure timely responses

Research indicates that an overwhelming 90% of customers deem instant customer service as crucial. Therefore, ensuring timely responses to messages, comments, and inquiries on Facebook is essential for delivering excellent customer service and upholding a positive brand reputation. This showcases your dedication to meeting customer needs, contributing to long-term customer satisfaction and retention.




Instagram continues to innovate with a range of useful features that allow businesses to showcase their products and connect with their audience in creative ways. Along with its emphasis on visual content, the inclusion of Instagram Reels has allowed businesses to capitalise on the rising trend of short-form video content, further enhancing the impact of their social media marketing strategies.


Useful Instagram Features


1. Instagram Collab

Instagram Collab allows creators to co-author Feed posts or Reels with up to six other users, facilitating collaborations between brands, influencers, and other content creators. The post will be shared with all followers of all authors, significantly expanding its reach and increasing exposure for your brand.

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2. Comment section polls

Introduced in October last year, comment section polls allow brands to interact with their audience and gather valuable feedback in real time. Brands are not only able to gather opinions directly within the comment section but can also encourage community participation, increasing engagement and aligning with algorithms for better visibility.


3. Meta AI search function

This year, Instagram introduced its latest innovation, the Meta AI-powered search bar. Alongside conventional content search capabilities, this feature allows users to interact directly by asking questions and even providing prompts for image generation. In turn, the AI chatbot draws on insights from your past queries, past interactions, and app preferences to provide personalised recommendations and results.


4. Creator mode

Instagram previously introduced creator mode for accounts with over 10,000 followers and has since continued to enhance its functionality to support creators and businesses. Some of its key features include:

  • Follower insights: Provides detailed analytics on follower growth and behaviour patterns, allowing users to understand audience preferences.
  • Updated bio: Users can display contact details, category labels, and action buttons on their bio, facilitating easier communication with potential clients.
  • Professional inbox: This advanced inbox enables message filtering and categorisation, and also gives users the option to save template responses.
  • Create shoppable posts: Creators can tag promoted products within their posts, allowing interested buyers to directly purchase the product within the app.
  • Marketing tips: This brand-new feature grants creators access to expert marketing tips and best practices straight from the Instagram team.


Tips for Optimising Your Instagram Page


1. Prioritise aesthetics

Given Instagram’s focus on visual content, prioritising the aesthetics of your profile is key. But this is more than just making your page visually appealing—it is about curating an immersive experience that resonates with your audience. Staying consistent in your style, colour palette, and composition allows you to create a visually cohesive feed that strengthens your brand identity. Or, you could take things a step further by strategically planning your content layout and using individual posts to contribute to an overall visual narrative. This results in a seamless and harmonious browsing experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

2. Tap into trends

Staying attuned to popular topics, hashtags, and challenges within your niche enables you to leverage the momentum of trends, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront with fresh and relevant content. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm favours content that resonates with trending topics, pushing your posts to users who have viewed, liked, or shared similar content. This significantly amplifies your brand’s presence on the platform and boosts the reach of your content.

3. Connect with your audience

To cultivate a dedicated following, connecting with your audience on a personal level is key. Responding to comments, messages, and mentions in a timely manner shows that you value your audience’s input and are committed to fostering meaningful interactions. With features like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and interactive polls, you can communicate directly with your followers, forging authentic connections and building a community around your brand. 




With 4.20 million members in Singapore in early 2024, LinkedIn has emerged as a go-to hub for networking, career advancement, and business development in Singapore. This has, in turn, solidified its position as the ideal platform for B2B social media marketing.


Useful LinkedIn Features


1. Newsletters

LinkedIn newsletters are curated sets of regularly published editions, enabling professionals and businesses to deepen engagement and establish their authority within the industry. By sharing exclusive insights, industry updates, and thought leadership content, businesses can cultivate stronger connections and trust with their audience. Moreover, with the flexibility to create up to five newsletters a month, LinkedIn allows businesses to deliver consistent and valuable content directly to their subscribers’ inboxes, enhancing their influence within the community.



2. Personalised CTA buttons

Premium accounts can now add custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons to their profiles, allowing brands to choose from six preset CTA options, such as “Visit my store”, “Visit my blog”, “Request a consultation”, and more. This allows you to optimise your LinkedIn presence, enticing more visitors to complete the desired action and prompt more direct traffic. 


Tips for Optimising Your LinkedIn Content


1. Include hashtags 

Incorporating hashtags into your LinkedIn posts is a great way to boost your content’s discoverability. 

Hashtags not only categorise your content, but they also make it visible to users interested in specific topics or industries, boosting your brand’s discoverability. Selecting the relevant hashtags will draw a wider audience and enhance engagement with your posts. Remember to keep your hashtags concise and tailored to your audience’s interests to fully maximise their effectiveness.


2. Use interactive content

Captivate attention and encourage active participation by incorporating interactive content into your LinkedIn posts. Polls, quizzes, and open-ended questions prompt interaction from your readers, driving meaningful conversations and cultivating a strong community around your brand. Moreover, more activity in your posts further amplifies their visibility, helping you get more eyes on your content.




As the second most-used social media platform worldwide with a staggering 2.49 billion users, YouTube remains a vital channel for brands seeking to fortify their social media marketing through compelling video content.


Useful Features on YouTube


1. YouTube Shorts

Capitalising on the growing demand for bite-sized content consumption, YouTube Shorts allows creators to cater to and benefit from this trend. With a maximum duration of 60 seconds as well as features such as music, text overlays, and filters, Shorts offers a platform for crafting concise yet impactful vertical videos, perfectly suited for the fast-paced nature of modern online consumption.


2. Aloud

Last year, YouTube announced that they would be integrating Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing tool aimed at helping creators expand their audience reach by offering dubbed content in languages beyond their native tongue. This innovative tool automates video transcription, translation, and narration, streamlining this tedious process. Subsequently, creators can review and edit the output for accuracy. Aloud offers brands and creators the opportunity to connect with a global audience, boosting their viewership and engagement levels.

Currently, Aloud supports dubbing English videos into Spanish and Portuguese, with additional language options to be included.


3. Community 2.0

A new and improved version of the original YouTube Community feature, Community 2.0 is designed to facilitate better interaction between creators and their audience. It allows creators to share different types of content, such as posts, polls, GIFs, images, and videos, allowing them to connect with their audience outside of video uploads. This feature is a great way to connect with new viewers, grow their channel, and forge lasting relationships with their existing audience.


Tips for Optimising Your YouTube Content


1. User series and playlists

Organising your content into series and playlists is a strategic way to encourage binge-watching and signal the algorithm to recommend related videos to viewers. By grouping videos around specific themes or topics, you create a cohesive viewing experience that keeps audiences engaged and encourages them to explore more of your content. Additionally, playlists help increase watch time, a crucial metric for YouTube’s algorithm, promoting your content to a wider audience and ultimately attracting more subscribers.


2. Video podcasting

Embracing video podcasting allows you to diversify your content and cater to audiences who prefer audiovisual formats. Interviews, discussions, or informative talks are excellent ways to share valuable insights and get your audience interested in your content. Repurposing podcast content into video format lets you tap into a broader audience base and capitalise on YouTube’s influence to expand your brand’s visibility and authority in your niche.


3. Authentic storytelling in long-form videos

Authenticity is key to resonating with viewers and building trust. Long-form videos allow you to explore in-depth topics, offer valuable insights, and build genuine connections with your audience through authentic storytelling. Consider sharing real-life experiences, challenges, and successes to make your brand more relatable and personable, cultivating a narrative that inspires loyalty among your viewers over time.




How Will Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Brand?


With the continuous evolution of social media platforms and innovative features, they offer businesses a valuable opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, elevate their online presence, and achieve their objectives. Let’s explore the various benefits that social media marketing can bring to your brand.


1. Boost brand awareness

Social media platforms are powerful avenues for amplifying brand visibility and recognition. By consistently engaging with your target audience through compelling content and strategic campaigns, you can effectively enhance brand awareness and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.


2. Improve search engine rankings

While the metrics of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have no direct influence on Google’s search engine rankings, they can indirectly bolster your search engine optimisation (SEO) endeavours. Accumulating followers and fans on social media can drive traffic to your website, as followers may be enticed to click on the CTA links included in your post. This, in turn, amplifies your website’s visibility and could potentially enhance its search engine performance.


3. Attract and retain audiences

With the popularity of social media across diverse demographics, these platforms have become ideal spaces for attracting new, younger audiences while nurturing relationships with existing customers. By tailoring your content to resonate with different audience segments and consistently delivering value, you can effectively expand your reach while also retaining the loyalty of your current customer base.


4. Foster an online community

Building a strong online community around your brand empowers meaningful interactions, facilitates brand advocacy, and cultivates a sense of belonging among your audience. When you take a community-driven approach to social media marketing, you create a supportive environment where customers feel valued and connected to your brand on a deeper level.


5. Drive website traffic

Strategic social media marketing initiatives drive targeted traffic to your website, increasing conversions and sales. By incorporating compelling CTA elements, sharing relevant content, and optimising your social media posts for click-throughs, you can direct organic traffic, expand your online reach, and maximise your digital marketing efforts.


6. Gather audience data

Social media platforms allow you to gain valuable insight into your audience demographics, preferences, and behaviours, arming you with the knowledge needed to refine your targeting approach. This allows you to optimise your campaigns, ultimately driving better results and ROI in your social media marketing endeavours.


7. Cost-friendliness

Compared to traditional marketing channels like television and print, social media marketing is a cost-effective solution for reaching and engaging with your target audience. With various advertising options, budget-friendly campaign settings, and measurable performance metrics, you can effectively allocate your marketing budget and maximise your returns.




To stay abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing in Singapore, businesses must stay informed and adapt to emerging trends and features on popular platforms. If you’re looking to join the ranks and tap into the power of social media marketing, OOm has got you covered. 


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