Sailing through Google Enhanced Campaigns


Google will be migrating all Adwords accounts to Enhanced Campaigns by mid-2013.


By default, if you have not tweaked your account to Enhanced Campaign, Google will automatically migrate your account to Enhanced Campaign by default.


While you may not be able to choose not to migrate, knowing the following features may help you to adapt fast & well to the changes.


1. Integration Across Devices

Enhanced Campaigns by its transition will integrate your campaigns across devices that include desktop, tablets and mobile.


There will no longer be the option of creating individual campaigns that target different devices. For example, one will not be able to create a campaign that solely targets only desktop, a second campaign that targets only tables and a third one that targets exclusively mobile. Once migration happens, every campaign would target all devices.


However, should you be disinterested in targeting mobile, you can tune the bidding for mobile to negative 100%. By doing so, it would effectively tune your bids for mobile to zero and your ads will not appear on mobile devices.


Therefore with Enhanced Campaigns’ settings, the options you have for campaign settings for devices are technically “Desktop, Tablet & Mobile” together or “Desktop & Table” combined.


2. Customisation of Ads

In the Enhanced Campaign settings, you can also craft ads that are customised to be shown on mobile. This can be done by checking the device preference box.



3. Power Sitelinks

In the Legacy setting, sitelinks would work across all ad groups in the campaign by default. Sitelinks could not be customised base on individual ad groups.


In the Enhanced Campaigns’ settings, you can now modify the selection sitelinks for each ad group. This would give you more control to design your ad to be more targeted to the audience and your webpages.


4. Mobile Sitelinks

Now with Enhanced Campaigns, you can also select which extensions you want to show on your mobile ad. This will allow you to choose your mobile ad extension base on your understanding of your potential customer’s intent and to use the most suitable sitelink.


5. Time scheduling for ad extension

Enhanced campaigns now also allow you to add time scheduling for your ad extensions. Suppose you own and operate a retail store with opening hours from 9am to 9pm, you can fine tune your ad to show the call extension from 9am to 9pm. Any other hours from 9 pm to 9am, the ad extension will not appear.


This would be useful as there may not be unnecessary calls derive from the ads during non operating hours.


Sailing to Enhanced Campaigns is rather easy. The above five pointers summarise some of the main key features that are different from its predecessor Legacy Campaign settings. As in all things in life are but a trade off cost, the transition would in some ways help you achieve a simple yet more effective campaign management.