SEO Strategy: Are Technical SEO Audits Helpful?

With your website, you get the right representation within this massive space called the Internet. Yes, the Internet may be a big domain packed with countless people spread all across the globe. However, you cannot entirely rest easy that a big chunk of this population would reach your website. Besides, with this much opportunity that it can offer, chances are more and more businesses will also put up their website the same as yours. Just as there are massive audiences with great opportunities, there will also be more competition.


With this, digital marketers try different stunts just to boost your campaign online. Among many is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO allows you to gain free and organic traffic from search engines like Google. However, SEO also requires intricate and calculated strategies for it to be successful. One of the digital tools that SEO strategists use is SEO Audits. With the help of SEO Auditing, you get to know the pulse of the SEO campaigns that you are launching and how your website is faring in this massive sea of binaries.



What Is An SEO Audit?


Before we go further, let us first tackle what SEO Audit really means. Threedeepmarketing.com in their article has defined SEO Audit as, “the process of analysing how well your web presence relates to best practices.” Now, this already gives you a hint of how SEO Audit helps your website. By knowing how your website is going will help you create implementation plans that will garner valuable results. As the term implies it edits important points in your website like the following that threedeepmarketing.com has enumerated:


  • Technical SEO issues
  • Website structure issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Potential off-site problems
  • User experience issues
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights


SEO Audit should be done to your website on a regular basis. We all know that the Internet moves on a very fast lane. What is considered the truth today may be different tomorrow. With SEO Audit, you get to be updated on how your website is. 



How Does A Technical SEO Audit Help You?


Auditing the technicalities of how you do your SEO has been one of the primary tasks a strategist should do. With this, here are a few things or elements that would help your website, as enumerated by Search Engine Watch in their article:


1. Identify Crawl Reports

In general, having a regular SEO technical audit allows you to know if there are any errors with the strategies you are pulling on a website. We all know how important it is to point out the errors on a website so it could be corrected immediately before it takes a worse turn. One of the things that auditing your technical SEO with the right digital tools identifies is crawl reports.


2. Checks HTTPS Status Codes

Getting a regular check-up for your website with technical SEO auditing ensures that things are running in perfect motion. The same goes for status codes. Apparently, search engines and users would not be able to reach your website if you use HTTP only. SEO technical auditing tools like SEMrush claim that HTTPS is now a strong ranking factor that can impact your site’s rankings. The right SEO auditing will also ensure that this works well for you.


3. Checks Site Load Time

The ratio of people who wait for a website even after a few seconds of not loading to those who stay because of fast load time is quite far apart. Thus, if your website takes too long to load, the users who visit your website will leave your site in a snap. With the right SEO technical auditing, you can have your load time checked and assessed. 


4. Ensure How Your Site Looks

Given the expansion of the digital age, you can now reach this platform in many more ways. What we are talking about here is that many users now reach the Internet through their mobile phones. With this, technical SEO auditing can assess your website if it is mobile-friendly. Your website may look good on the desktop but it also has to be presentable and user-friendly as well on the mobile.


5. Checks Keywords

Here in SEO, your keywords become the signposts that lead users to your websites. Keyword generation or research actually requires studying the right data that the right tools will offer you. However, some errors cannot be avoided. One of which is keywords cannibalising itself. Keyword cannibalisation can confuse search engines, which in turn can affect your online presence. To ensure that your keywords are done well, technical SEO auditing will give you ample reports.


Now that you know some of the many ways or elements how technical SEO audit can help you, you may now be thinking on how to apply it to your processes, if you still have not. With this, you may need the help of SEO companies here in Singapore to provide you with a more orchestrated and comprehensive Optimization for your website which will include SEO technical audit, like OOm.