Because smartphones and tablets basically own the market, user engagement and user experience have become huge factors when brands and companies are developing their websites. Search engines, such as Google, record the amount of time a user spends on your page. They use this to rate the usability of your site, which is one of the aspects they consider in search results rankings. Thus, it’s important to have something interesting on your page that will prevent a user from clicking off your website.


Search Engine Optimization, using the latest approach, can help you formulate attention-grabbing content that will not only attract your market but will also help in increasing your conversions and sales.




OOm, as one of the leading SEO agencies in Singapore, offers dynamic techniques and strategies that can make your site more appealing to users – which will eventually help in dominating search engines. More than just rearranging your site’s architecture and including links within the web content, our team can do more to grab the attention of your target market. In addition to that, we can also trim the conceptual approach specifically to the profile of your users or customers, making it more personal and effective.


As we continuously drive digital innovation, our SEO strategists can also make sure that your market can reach you across all platforms. Our experts are up-to-date with the latest trends on digital marketing both on mobile and desktop. Through us, you can be hands-on in improving your site’s usability instead of just relying on basic keywords and Meta descriptions alone. We believe that the digital world has become more progressive than that.


SEO can do more than just plotting keywords and following guidelines. Dwelling time has become vital to stay relevant and sensational. Make a mark and be on top.


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