Businesses that venture into digital marketing on their own without proper skills and knowledge of search engine optimization almost always fall for the drawbacks and misconceptions about SEO. Some misconceptions – like reaching optimal keyword density will help websites rank better in search results – often provide immeasurable and unquantifiable results and data that may lead to violations of search engine policies that could have been easily avoided with the help of a proper SEO agency. Because of this, brands and businesses end up failing to get good online traffic and page ranking despite their marketing efforts to increase their digital reach.




We believe that brand personality plays a big part in your overall digital strategy, that’s why we at OOm always implement SEO strategies that provide quantifiable results. As a competitive SEO Agency, we utilize various analytical techniques to keep a close eye on our campaigns; tracking page ranking in search engine result pages and setting up quality content to increase chances of converting visitors into clients/followers are some methods our dedicated team use to track the constant progress of SEO techniques on websites and marketing campaigns we run. These methods make use of complex web tools that require specialized knowledge in SEO to use and understand.


By tracking the data and results of webpages through proper SEO strategies, we can confidently control your company’s online image and provide you with trackable and quantifiable data to help you make well-informed marketing decisions. Having an SEO agency that give you concrete data and quantifiable results will also help ensure that you are not spending money on SEO methods that do not work, giving you piece of mind that you are getting the best service.


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