Social Media Management Versus Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Social media is part of our everyday lives. There’s no denying that it’s changed the world for better or worse. For marketers, however, social media is one of the best things that ever graced the Earth.


Many successful ads are present on social media sites—like Facebook and Twitter, to name a few. It’s not surprising to see many creative advertisements come to fruition since social media is where many consumers are active. You have better chances of reaching your target audience if you engage with potential customers on social media!


However, there are many things about social media marketing that you should consider. One of them is “social media management”, a term that’s often social media marketing. While the two are sometimes interchangeable, there’s a clear difference between social media management and marketing.



Social Media Management Versus Social Media Marketing


Digital marketers may be aware of the difference between social media management and marketing, but even then, it can be hard to distinguish the difference. Nonetheless, you can sum up the distinction between social media management and marketing in just two words: organic and paid.


Social media management focuses on engaging with customers by managing content and scheduling posts. The process itself involves a lot of interaction with users, which can help boost your social media page’s organic search engine optimisation (SEO).


On the other hand, social media marketing refers to the usage of paid ads and content to reach a target audience and increase brand awareness. In short, you’ll have to spend your money and resources to market your business, as opposed to social media management, which aims for the same goal but without relying on a budget.


The difference between social media management and marketing is as clear as night and day. Now that you know how to distinguish one from the other, let’s dive into the basics of social media management and social media marketing.



How Does Social Media Marketing Work?


There are more than 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. As such, social media marketing is almost a necessity for businesses that want to engage with new and existing customers. But what makes social media marketing one of the most efficient ways to promote products and services?


While some of the most popular networking sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, did you know that there are around 200 social media channels in total? All of them are unique in their own way, but when it comes to social media marketing, they have one goal: to connect with users.


The goal of every social media marketing campaign is to connect with countless people every day. Doing so should help your business gain leads and convert prospects into customers. That way, you’ll earn profit in an insurmountable amount of time. Of course, it’s easier said than done since there are hundreds of other online businesses that want to gain the top spot, same as you.



Social Media Marketing: Factors To Consider


Whenever you’re making a marketing campaign for any social media platform, you need to take into account every possible opportunity that will help you reach your audience. To do so, consider the following factors, such as:


1. Target Audience

Before you create quality content for your customers, you need to define your target market first. That includes identifying common traits, location, gender, and interests, among many other factors. Gathering customer data is crucial for your social media marketing campaign because it helps you create content for the right audience.


2. Content

Once you’ve gathered enough information regarding your target audience, your next step is to curate content based on your findings. That means you’ll write content for your target customers suited for their taste. In doing so, you’ll improve your engagement with your customers and gain new ones in the mix.


3. Budget

It may be possible to grow your customer base on a tight budget, but it’s challenging. For that reason, you should consider spending a sufficient amount of money on your ads if you want to reach your target audience.


For example, you only have $20 to spend on advertising, and you want to target customers living in the entire country of Singapore. To no surprise, you won’t have much luck delivering your ads to your audience. Instead, you should either invest more money or limit your target location range.



Management Vs Marketing: Which One’s Better?

Social media management and marketing are two sides of the same coin with one goal: to engage with customers and deliver your ads to the right audience. Balancing both of these strategies is vital for achieving your goal, keep that in mind when you’re running a social media campaign.


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