Social Media Management vs Community Management: Are They The Same?

These days, having an online presence is not enough for businesses any more. Ever since the pandemic came last year, they have moved online and adapted to digital platforms. According to the United Nations, global ecommerce jumped dramatically to $26.7 trillion.


Given our current situation, the internet is the only place where brands could promote products and services without worrying about virus transmission. Through this option, many businesses successfully stay afloat and meet the demand of their customers. 


The problem, however, reaching the target audience and engaging with them becomes more challenging each day. The only way to stay ahead of the game is to do proper social media management and community management. 


Though are they not the same? 


While many used these terms interchangeably, there is a clear difference between social media management and community management. To distinguish one from the other, let us dive into their roles and purposes. 

What Social Media Management?

Social media management in Singapore is the same as in the rest of the world. It is a process responsible and defines a brand’s voice on all social media.


The goal here is to deliver the latest news about the brand across different social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn. They could be about products, services, or even events that the brand will release or do in the coming weeks or months.


To do this, the brand will have to create content to entice its target audience. Here is a good example from Uniqlo Singapore.


Uniqlo Social Media Management


As you can see, the person who posted this content on Uniqlo Singapore’s Facebook page wants to inform the masses about the 95th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh while encouraging people to try their newest collection of clothing. They even include where their target audience could find their shop at Orchard Central so none of them would get lost searching for it.


In summary, the role and purpose of social media management are:


  • Actively be the voice of the brand across various social media platforms. 
  • Think, create, and schedule content for the target audience.
  • Deliver latest and updated news about the brand.


What Is Community Management?

Meanwhile, community management is like customer service since it is responsible for brand advocacy. Its process is about connecting with the people supporting a brand. They could be followers, fans or even target audiences.   


Community management aims to build, develop, and maintain relationships between these individuals. The person who handles this process should have active listening skills so they would be able to understand the needs and wants of the people interested in their brand. 


A good example of this process would be how Uniqlo hires people with disabilities as staff in their stores. Here, as you can see, this decision won the hearts of many people, which is why the brand tries to expand it to other countries.


Uniqlo Community Management


In summary, community management is a type of social media marketing and its role and purpose are.


  • To create and develop a community that will continue supporting their products or services.
  • To increase customer engagement through community discussion. 
  • To respond to the questions of the people and help resolve them.


Which One Is Better?

Social media management and community management are two sides of the same coin. That means you have to use both to engage and deliver your campaign to the right target audience. 


Managing these processes is essential for achieving your goals. To successfully interact and persuade people to support your brand and avail your products and services, try not to neglect either one of them.


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