Social media platforms and search engine optimisation or SEO Singapore are a match made in heaven. They are both crucial parts of effective content marketing since they have growing numbers of users. 


Even though the former might not directly influence your search engine rankings, they give you unmatched access to a wider group of audience. At the same time, SEO helps build and expand the online presence of your brand on search engines while social media helps in increasing your brand reach. If you combine the two, you can expect to see a great improvement in your marketing campaign.


However, it is easier said than done. Social media and SEO may play crucial roles in running a successful social media campaign, but you must first learn how to combine these two by understanding their key differences and roles.



Understanding Social Media And SEO


Understanding Social Media And SEO


Before you start marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn, you must first understand how they work.


First, social media alone would not help boost your business online. Networking sites are mere platforms that you can use for marketing, but what matters the most is how you use them. That is where the importance of SEO comes into the discussion. 


Marketing on social media will elevate your Singapore SEO strategies, but not instantly. You need to combine the vital elements of SEO in your social media marketing and advertising campaign, such as:


  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Organic content


In summary, you must combine effective social media strategies on social media if you want your online presence to grow further. Fortunately, that is why we are here! We listed down some simple tips that can make the most out of your social media marketing campaign for your Singapore company.



8 Tips on How to Make SEO And Social Media Work Together


How to Make SEO And Social Media Work Together


1. Set Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns On Search Data


Set Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns On Search Data


The beauty of Singapore SEO is that you can find out the user intent by doing keyword research. This SEO strategy is fundamentally valuable for any social media marketing campaign and strategy.


That is why before you produce any content, you should apply this SEO strategy first. Doing so will help you identify which long-tail keyword phrases that your target audience is typing on search engines. 


The keywords help connect your website and its content to the searches. Keyword research determines the right long-tail and short-tail keywords to target your audience. Digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and digital marketing enthusiasts use keyword research tools for proper keyword research implementation.


Here are the keyword research tools you can use:


  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Keyword Tool


Social media can be a keyword inspiration, too. Analysing and observing your target audience’s interests will help you determine what is currently trending on social media. You can develop keywords based on the data and use them on your social media content.


The relevant social media content could capture your target audience’s interests on different social media platforms.


Here are the tools you can use to do research on trending topics.


  • Google Trends 
  • Google Search Console
  • Soovle
  • Moz Keyword Explorer


An SEO agency in Singapore can help you with designing data-backed SEO strategies to boost your company’s social media marketing campaigns. 


2. Take Advantage Of Images And Videos


Add Images And Videos On Social Media


Since you will be marketing your brand on social media, you should not leave the images and videos out of the equation. You should know that the social media content marketing campaign of your company will be more successful if you add images and videos since they would keep your target audience well-engaged. 


That is why it is better if you often insert a few images in your article or digital content creation. Doing so should help make a good impression of your brand, and you will get a better chance of reaching out to more people online.


READ MORE: Image Specs & Sizes: How To Format Images For Website & Social Media


Moreover, images and videos can attract the target audience. And if these are intriguing enough or spark the viewers’ curiosity, they may check the website to find out more, driving traffic to the website page.


Keep this in mind whenever you are about to publish content on social media and the website. An SEO consultant in Singapore can help you with the video, image, and infographic content that are helpful to your audience.


3. Encourage Positive Reviews


Encourage Positive Reviews


The social media platform is a space where people can exchange information and opinions. It is inevitable for billions of social media users not to discuss your brand. And it is also a rich source of social proof for the business.


Mentioning your brand’s name and even tagging your social media page improve brand awareness amongst online users significantly. Many businesses and restaurants have boomed because their products or services have become trending on social media.


Google Reviews usually appears next to Google Business Profile whenever people search your brand on Maps and Search. On the other hand, some social media platforms, such as Facebook business pages, also allow the audience to leave a review. Positive feedback in both Google Reviews and social media platforms will ramp up brand awareness.


Brands can still utilise positive mentions and reviews on the social media platform without review features or sections through user-generated content, such as testimonials, blog posts, and product review videos.


The key is to encourage the audience to leave positive reviews and content. Digital marketing agencies tailor their message on social media for their target audience, respond to the audience’s concerns to increase satisfaction and encourage positive mentions of the brand on social media. Remember, social media platforms have an indirect role in helping the audience find your brand on search engines.


4. Local SEO


Local SEO


Small businesses tend to capitalise on local SEO, and social media plays a big role in boosting your local SEO services in Singapore. Upon creating a business account, social media managers fill out a social media profile, which usually contains information, such as name, address, and phone number. Remember, location matters in local SEO.


These social media profiles sometimes appear on SERPs. Some results also include reviews. Make sure your social media profile and your website has a matching address to give your local SEO strategy a slight boost.


Another way to increase the chance of your brand appearing on Maps and Searches is to include your social media profile on the Google Business Profile. Ensure that the address in your social media profile and GBP matches for optimisation. Below is an example of Google Business Profile appearing on Maps search result.


Google Business Profile


5. Be a Part of The Conversation


Be a Part of The Conversation


Social media platforms are tools to engage with the audience. Digital marketing agencies in Singapore can use these platforms to foster a relationship with their audience.


There are multiple ways to engage in a conversation with the audience, such as creating a poll, replying to queries, participating in hashtag events, and being proactive in responding to the comments.


As mentioned, social media helps the audience find your brand on search engines. So being consistent with audience engagement may spark their curiosity and eventually persuade them to visit your website.


6. Social Listening




Researching your competitor is a tried-and-tested strategy not only in SEO but in digital marketing as a whole. You can do a similar thing on social media.


Social listening tools help digital marketers to monitor social media conversions, keyword mentions, mentions of the brand and its competitor, and anything relevant to you.


They can also track the people’s sentiments on your brand, monitor the impact of the social media campaign, competitive benchmarking, and identify the best influencers for the brand. You can use the data you extract to strengthen your SEO and social media marketing strategies.


7. Consistency Is Key


Consistency Is Key


Do you want to know an open secret? Consistency is key to improving your online presence. Posting content marketing campaigns for your business in Singapore gives you better chances of engaging with more customers. Not to mention, you need to keep your target audience constantly updated if you wish to stay relevant on social media.


There are two types of consistency in content marketing:




You will post at least once a day to keep your target audience engaged. A social media marketing company can help you with planning and scheduling content.




You do not necessarily need to publish articles or digital content creation every single day, but make sure each content marketing campaign you make is of superior quality.


Either way, you should focus on creating consistent quality content. For example, some YouTubers only post once a month, but there is no shortage of quality because they put enough time and effort into each video. 


Just keep in mind that if you want to focus on quantity, make sure the quality will not suffer in return. An SEO company in Singapore can help you with creating credible, high-quality, and informative content for your company.


8. Connect With Social Media Influencers


Connect With Social Media Influencers


As the saying goes, it is not what you know but who you know. While it is not 100% true, for the most part—it is, especially in the marketing industry. It is the main reason why big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Disney pay celebrities, models, and other public figures to endorse their products.


When marketing through social media, you could do the same strategy by working with ‘influencers’ to promote your product or services online. The approach is called ‘influencer marketing’, and it can further improve your SEO in Singapore if you execute it properly!


Since they already have people admiring them, your products or services will also get in their spotlight. Connecting with social media influencers is a great way to expose your brand to your target audience.


Here’s how the brand and the influencer can work together:


  • PR Package


PR packages contain the brand’s carefully selected products. The brand will send PR packages to the influencers, and the influencers may give their genuine review on the products at their discretion.


The goals of PR packages are to gain exposure and brand awareness on social media and eventually drive sales.


  • Paid sponsorships


Paid sponsorships occur when the brand pays an influencer to promote its products.


  • Brand collaboration


Brand collaboration happens when the brand and the influencer team up to create a unique product or service that will benefit both parties. One of the examples would be Lady Gaga and Oreo’s collaboration.


Influencer marketing can help build trust, raise brand awareness, and reach out to your target audience. But of course, you need to choose the right influencer. Keep in mind that whoever you pick will represent the image of your social media campaign and a social media marketing company in Singapore can help you with the task.


In general, there are three types of influencers:


Types of Social Media Influencers




These influencers have around 1,000 to 100,000 followers, and most of them have a niche audience.




Macro-influencers are almost the same as micro-influencers, but they are more popular with an audience ranging from 100,000 to one million followers.




Lastly, there are the mega influencers. These people are the social media connoisseur who has reached the peak of stardom. They can be celebrities or well-known public figures with millions of people following them on various social media platforms across the globe. 


Connect with the type of influencer who can help you reach your target audience. For instance, if you are interested in photography, contact photographer and influencer Yik Keat. He has more than one million followers on Instagram.


On the other hand, if you want to expose your brand to food lovers, reach out to the infamous chef Gordon Ramsay, with more than 13,000,000 followers on Instagram and counting!


In the end, choosing the right influencer for your brand will influence your niche audience’s purchasing decision. Picking the ideal option would exceedingly improve your SEO and content marketing campaign in the long run. Fortunately, social media management services in Singapore can help you with your social media marketing campaigns. Learn more about influencer marketing strategies from this blog: How To Make An Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy?



Wrapping Up


Your social media accounts are one of the most effective tools for content marketing if you know how to combine SEO strategies and services in Singapore in the mix. Consider following the tips mentioned above if you want to improve your search engine rankings and expand your online presence. 


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